‘The Courtship’ Preview: Nicole & Lincoln Spend The Night Together In The Castle

Things are heating up for Nicole and Lincoln. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new 'The Courtship,' Nicole invites Lincoln to spend the night in the castle with her.

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Nicole Remy
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Leading lady Nicole Remy has taken the next step with Lincoln. She invites him to stay the night in the castle with her in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the April 13 episode of The Courtship, and they don’t waste any time snuggling and getting close. Nicole stresses to Lincoln that her invitation means a lot when it comes to their relationship.

“I invited you here. I didn’t invite Jesse or any of the other guys. I invited you,” Nicole says to Lincoln. They share a passionate kiss, and things may get very spicy between these two.

Nicole Remy
Nicole Remy is looking for love on ‘The Courtship.’ (USA Network)

However, Lincoln spending the night in the castle wouldn’t exactly be approved of if Nicole’s family found out about it. Nicole isn’t sweating the decision too much. She’s doing what feels right for her.

“The idea that I’m spending time with somebody in a castle that my family’s in, that’s frowned upon,” Nicole admits. “It’s not okay to do back in Regency era, but that’s me being me. If it’s something that feels right, then I’ll do it. I’m going to feel comfortable with that decision. I’m an adult, like, I can be who I want to be.”

The synopsis for the April 13 episode reads: “A suitor sneaks into the castle causing rumors to start swirling during a wild party; one deserving suitor is selected for a private solo date in the garden and deep trauma surfaces during their time together.”

Lincoln is one of Nicole’s suitors. (USA Network)

Nicole is looking for her soulmate while embracing all that England’s Regency era has to offer. Lincoln is a model from Nashville, Tennessee. Lincoln is always up for a new adventure and is looking for a woman to join him on his journeys. Will Nicole and Lincoln get that storybook ending? Nicole’s search for love continues for a few more weeks. The Courtship airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on USA Network.