‘Pieces Of Her’s Jacob Scipio Teases Possible Season 2: We’re Just ‘Scratching The Surface’

'Pieces of Her' breakout star Jacob Scipio is hoping for a season 2 just like the rest of us. The actor spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about Mike and Andy's relationship, his new movie with Nic Cage, and more.

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Jacob Scipio
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Pieces of Her made a big, twist-filled splash when it debuted on Netflix in March 2022. Fans became consumed with all the jaw-dropping twists and turns over the course of the first season. Jacob Scipio stars in the series as Mike Vargas, a U.S. Marshal who follows Andy on her journey to find out the truth about who her mother really is. Mike becomes one of the only people Andy can truly trust.

The season finale ended with the shocking reveal that Laura/Jane was the one who gave Grace the gun that killed Michael Queller in Oslo. Andy discovered this game-changing truth in the final moments of the episode. Given how things ended, fans and Jacob are hoping a season 2 is on the horizon.

Jacob Scipio
Jacob Scipio as Mike Vargas in ‘Pieces of Her.’ (Netflix)

“God willing we get a second season and we get to do it again because I just had the best time shooting the first one. In terms of my character, I believe that we’re only scratching the surface of Mike Vargas. There are a million different directions you could take it, and I have a few ideas myself,” Jacob told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

Mike and Andy had a tumultuous relationship in the beginning, but they did share one steamy kiss in episode 4. However, the undeniable current between them never went away. So, does Jacob think about a possible romantic relationship between Mike and Andy?

“When people are thrown into a chaotic experience together or traumatic experience together, they share something which they will forever have,” Jacob explained. “That’s the situation that you’ve got with Mike and Andy is that they went through something together and they’re bonded by that. So whether it’s romance or just a relationship keeping them together, anything’s possible with them, too. But I don’t know. What did you think? I felt like there was a bit of unfinished business at the end there.”

When it comes to how Mike would react to Laura/Jane’s decisions that inevitably impacted Andy’s life, Jacob admitted that Mike is “the type of guy who will color outside of the lines to get the job done. And if he feels it’s in service of protecting her family, I think all cards are off the table for Mike at that point because he understands. He may not agree with it, but he understands the reactions. But again, you never know how people are going to react until they’re thrown into a circumstance.”

Jacob Scipio
Jacob Scipio at the ImmersiVerse ATX Lounge in 2022. (Shutterstock)

On top of Pieces of Her, Jacob also stars in the Nicolas Cage film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. The actor said the experience was unlike anything he’d been a part of before. “The best part of it was watching Nic work up close, seeing just the absolute master and genius doing what he does best,” Jacob said. “He’s just an absolute student of film, and he’ll tell you firsthand and talk to anybody about movies. So that was how most of our time was spent. If we weren’t shooting a movie we were talking about movies. I was watching the sensei and just drinking it all in.”

Seeing Nic in action has definitely inspired the British actor to take similar risks with his roles. “You don’t grow if you stay in your comfort zone, and a part of this job is all about exploration, pushing yourself, and stepping in the shoes of people that you might not otherwise ever know or meet. That’s what’s so beautiful about it, the ability to see the world from a different perspective,” he said.

Jacob’s streak of amazing roles continues with the upcoming Batgirl. The actor had to remain mum on details about his character, but he did tease that he is “in a situation” with Batgirl. The magnitude of the superhero film is not lost on Jacob. “As soon as you step onto set, you see Gotham City and you see the Batgirl in her costume,” Jaocb told HollywoodLife. “You look around and you say, holy crap, this is part of cinema history, which I’m stepping into now. You feel the weight, you feel the resonance, and you feel the responsibility. That just makes the job more enjoyable the whole way through because it makes you respect it. Not that you don’t respect the other jobs that you do, but there is a certain feeling in the air because of the effect that this piece of art has had on its audience. And you just go to town and have a bunch of fun with it, man.”