Alannah McCready Brings Comfort To Those Loving Over Long Distances In New ‘Can I Call’

With help from Will Gittens, singer-songwriter Alannah McCready delivers an ode for lovers separated – be it by neighborhoods or time zones – to remind them that love is just one phone call away.

Face it: everyone on planet earth was in a “long-distance” relationship during the height of the 2020 nightmare. The chaos separated lovers, resulting in candlelight dinners over Zoom and socially distanced dates. Even if they were sheltering in place with their loved ones, the pressures droved those metaphorical wedges between them – and that’s why Alannah McCready’s new song hits so hard. In “Can I Call,” the singer-songwriter delivers a poignant track about reaching out over distances to remind your heart that they’re not alone.

“In the simplest terms possible, ‘Can I Call’ is a song about a long-distance relationship,” Alannah shares about the song premiering on HollywoodLife. “The track describes the feeling of not knowing the next time you will see your loved one and how difficult that separation can be. The song also explores the idea that even when your significant other is far away, if you know that you can call them at any time, day or night, that will bring you comfort, and you will be able to get through more than you think. I think this message will hit home with a lot of couples who might be far away from each other these days.”

(Alex Berger)

Featuring Will Gittens, one of the co-writers on the track (which was also written by the song’s producer, Sterling “David” Glittens Jr.), “Can I Call” is a shining composition of skill and honesty. It’s a heartwarming modern love song with a timeless message. This song is a perfect introduction to her skillful songwriting for those unfamiliar with Alannah. For those who have been following this Minneapolis native, “Can I Call” will get them more hyped for her upcoming EP, which is due out later in 2022,

(Alex Berger)

Born in Minnesota and now based in Nashville, Alannah has been following her passions all her life. She’s been a music lover all her life, but she also knows a thing or two about sports. After attending the University of Madison on a full athletic scholarship for women’s hockey – she’s a two-time NCAA national champion — Alannah knew that her future was off the rink and on the stage. Her uncle, a recording artist in LA, helped her follow her music dreams. She reignited that musical flame when visiting Nashville. That flame turned into a torch that illuminated the musical path she continues to follow to this day.

Fans can follow Alannah on Instagram and her website for future music and shows.

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