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Shanna Moakler Now Says She Isn’t Pregnant After Receiving A ‘False Positive Test’

Shanna Moakler explained how she ended up with a 'false positive' pregnancy test after her time on the reality TV series 'Celebrity Big Brother 3' and how it affected her result.

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Shanna Moakler, 46, revealed that she isn’t actually pregnant after initially announcing that she was expecting her fourth child. It turns out the model’s pregnancy test had given her a false positive and recently learned the reason why. “OK, I am not pregnant,” Shanna told Page Six. “I received a false positive test due to the fact I had taken a hormone called HCG to help me lose weight for Big Brother.”

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“It is the same hormone that is produced when a woman is pregnant resulting in the false positive,” she continued. She found out she was pregnant shortly after returning from her time on Celebrity Big Brother 3 so the timing certainly lines up. She announced her pregnancy on March 3, and the news seemed to come with mixed feelings. She explained that it was a “difficult week” and was taking things “day by day” when announcing the big news to People.

To be fair, she announced her pregnancy a week after her now ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau was arrested for felony domestic violence. Matthew was brought into custody after police were called to his and Shanna’s home when their fight reportedly got physical. That same day, Matthew had uploaded a troubling video calling Shanna a number of expletives.

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Later on that day, Shanna spoke out and revealed that she was doing ok while reassuring fans that she was now in a safe and supportive environment with family and friends. The two had been having an on-and-off relationship since 2020 but it seems after this altercation that she and Matthew are done for good.

Even though she has also had a contentious relationship with her ex-husband Travis Barker, he surprisingly spoke out in support of her when she first announced her pregnancy. A source close to the Blink-182 member EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that he offered to help her raise the baby. “Travis has reached out to Shanna and congratulated her,” the insider revealed. “He let her know that he’ll be there for whatever she needs. Whether it be picking up some groceries, helping out more with the kids, Travis has her back.”