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Anne Hathaway ‘Embarrasses’ Kelly Clarkson With Epic Performance Of ‘Since U Been Gone’: Watch

Kelly Clarkson was totally schooled on her own talk show by Anne Hathaway. They played 'Sing That Name That Tune' and Anne recognized one of Kelly's most popular songs first.

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Kelly Clarkson and Anne Hathaway faced off in a singing competition, and the outcome was very unexpected. On the March 22 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the two stars played a game of “Sing That Name That Tune” hosted by Matt Iseman. Kelly, 39, and Anne, 39, stood on opposing platforms as the beginning tune of a song would play, and once they recognized the song, they would step out on the platform and sing the lyrics. Well, after Anne beat Kelly in the first three rounds, the American Idol champion was frustrated things weren’t going her way.

“Can you play a freaking song that I’ll know?” Kelly said aloud. Round 4 started, and after just a few seconds of the initial tune, Anne correctly belted out Kelly’s very own hit “Since U Been Gone.” Everyone was shocked including Kelly, who hilariously fell to the floor in reaction to The Princess Diaries star’s performance.

Anne Hathaway & Kelly Clarkson
Anne Hathaway, Matt Iseman, & Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ March 22 (Photo: NBC)

As Anne finished singing, Kelly asked the Oscar winner, “How did you know it from just that?” Anne went on to say, “Kelly Clarkson, if you do not understand how much we all love that song. Everybody here knew it on the first one. Everybody knew it.” Kelly, still in disbelief over what went down on her own talk show, hilariously said “sh*t” out loud and asked if she “should just quit.”

Anne Hathaway & Kelly Clarkson
Anne Hathaway, Matt Iseman, & Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ March 22 (Photo: NBC)

Matt, 51, butted in to joke that “Anne Hathaway will be doing a Kelly Clarkson tribute show in Vegas.” The actress seemed interested in that opportunity and her and Matt both agreed that they love “Since U Been Gone.” Kelly admitted the incident was “embarrassing,” while Matt told the two stars and the audience, “By the way, never fall for Hathaway when she tells you she’s scared to sing. It is now 4-0.”

Kelly just could not get over that Anne beat her at her own game. Matt complimented Anne on her big win, while Kelly sarcastically gave kudos to the WeCrashed star. As Matt reminded the girls that Anne was winning 4 to zero, a frustrated Kelly said to herself, “Jesus take the wheel.”

Anne Hathaway & Kelly Clarkson
Anne Hathaway & Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ March 22 (Photo: NBC)

Fans forget that Anne has a pretty great voice. She infamously showed off her vocal chops in her Oscar-winning performance in Les MiserablesOf course, Kelly is still an exceptional singer as well. After all, the woman’s won dozens of awards including three Grammys!