‘The Bachelor’: Susie Rejects Clayton At The Final Rose Ceremony

Clayton Echard worked to rekindle his relationship with Susie Evans during 'The Bachelor' finale, but she dumped him as he declared his love at the final rose ceremony.

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Image Credit: ABC/John Fleenor

Despite a disastrous fantasy suite date, Susie Evans and Clayton Echard (sort of) got their relationship back on track during the March 14 episode of The Bachelor. Clayton apologized to Susie for how things went down on their last one-on-one date, which resulted in him sending her home. She accepted the apology and agreed to come back and give him another shot at the final rose ceremony

By the final rose ceremony, Clayton knew that Susie was who he wanted to be with, so he dumped his other two remaining women — Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey — to profess his love for Susie. Although Clayton picked out an engagement ring, he did not propose to Susie at the final rose ceremony. However, he did let her know how much he loved her, and he used the ring to show how serious he was. Unfortunately, the feelings were not FULLY reciprocated.

susie evans
Susie Evans on season 26 of ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC/John Fleenor)

Susie told Clayton that she appreciated his words and she believed them. She said that she knows they have a connection, but didn’t feel like the love she had for him is the same love he has for her. “You have an unconditional love of someone you want to spend a lifetime with and that’s not where I’m at,” Susie explained. “I’ve made the decision to leave Iceland alone. It doesn’t mean it’s an easy decision. It’s devastating, if I’m being honest. But I’ve thought this through and I don’t think I’m your person. I don’t think you’re mine. It doesn’t take away from everything we’ve had and the love I genuinely feel in my heart for you.”

Clayton asked Susie if she thought there was any chance there could ever be something between them. “Honestly, I see a whole future with you, but I also will take it as long as it needs to get to that point,” he said. “It’s not over until you tell me it’s over.” Susie said, “I feel like it’s over,” and Clayton walked her out. He told her he wished her nothing but the best, and the breakup was complete.

clayton echard susie evnas
Clayton Echard and Susie Evans on ‘The Bachelor’. (ABC)

This season of The Bachelor was a wild ride for Clayton and Susie. Things went great up until the week of fantasy suite dates. Susie was the last of the three remaining women to get the chance at an overnight date with Clayton. By that time, she had already told him she was in love with him, and on the date he revealed that he was in love with her, too. However, Susie had some questions before committing to an overnight with Clayton. She wanted to know if he was expressing the same sentiments of love to the other women (Rachel and Gabby) and whether or not he slept with either of them.

Clayton admitted that he had slept with both Rachel and Gabby, and said that he was in love with them, too. However, he insisted that he was the “most in love” with Susie. It wasn’t the answer Susie wanted to hear. She admittedly didn’t feel like she could move forward with Clayton knowing that he had been intimate with someone else. Clayton wondered why Susie didn’t bring these concerns to him before fantasy suites, and claimed that he may have gone about things differently if he’d known how Susie felt. Susie explained that she didn’t want to give Clayton an ultimatum, but felt that if he actually did see it being her at the end, then he would know not to be intimate with another woman.

Things escalated on Clayton and Susie’s date, and Clayton eventually blew up at Susie for wanting to leave the show instead of fighting for their love. Susie was heartbroken at how upset Clayton was, but simply couldn’t compromise her beliefs. Clayton angrily sent Susie home as she tried to apologize for how things went down. He shared all of this information with Gabby and Rachel, and although they were upset and hesitant, they both agreed to give Clayton another shot.

Once he introduced them to his family, though, he couldn’t shake the feelings that he still had for Susie. Clayton wanted to follow his heart and try to talk things out with Susie one last time. Susie returned to give Clayton another chance, which led to him dumping Gabby and Rachel and professing his love to Susie at the final rose ceremony. Unfortunately, she simply was not on the same page.