Lisa Hochstein Reveals Her Favorite Moment On ‘RHOM’ & If She’d Return For A Possible Season 5

Lisa Hochstein talked about being 'thrilled' that 'Real Housewives of Miami' is back, her favorite moment from season 4, the wild Adriana/Larsa drama, and more in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

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Lisa Hochstein
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Lisa Hochstein, 39, couldn’t be happier that The Real Housewives of Miami got a second chance. Peacock revived the show after eight years off-air with returning wives like Lisa, Alexia Echevarria, and Larsa Pippen, as well as newbies such as Julia Lemigova and Guerdy Abraira. Although the epic two-part reunion concluded on March 10, Lisa still had a lot to say about her time on the reality series in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

To kick things off, Lisa said she’s not surprised that fans are really digging season 4 of RHOM. “Why wouldn’t they love Miami? What’s not to love?” Lisa told us EXCLUSIVELY. “All the women are amazing. We all did our part. I’m really thrilled to see the feedback from all the fans,” she added.

Lisa Hochstein
Lisa Hochstein on ‘RHOM’ (Photo: Bravo)

The hard-working businesswoman, who is married to plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein, known as the ‘Boob God’ of Miami, also explained that the “light” drama of RHOM was a big reason for its success this season. “You’re bound to have little fights here and there. But I feel like everything was kind of light,” Lisa said. “And I feel like the fans like that. The fighting was the fight that you could come back from. I don’t think anything was so serious that we can’t come back from and we cannot film with each other. So I enjoyed that, at least.”

However, things did get pretty fiery between Larsa and Adriana de Moura when Kanye West (and his d–k) became a topic of conversation on the show. Lisa told HL that she sees Larsa’s point of view in this instance of drama. “Adriana brought things up that Larsa didn’t like, and I understand. Some of the things she brought up were kind of wild, like about people’s genitalia or private parts. So yeah, I could see how like Larsa wouldn’t like that,” Lisa said. She did, however, clarify that she believes Adriana’s claims about seeing Kanye’s man package years ago. “I think that she’s being honest. Like, Why bring that up?”

Lisa Hochstein
Lisa Hochstein at the ‘RHOM’ reunion (Photo: Bravo)

Now that season 4 of RHOM is (unfortunately) over, Lisa told us her favorite memory from filming the full season. “Being with my kids, I think those were my favorite moments,” the proud mom of son Logan, 6, and daughter Elle, 2, revealed. “I have these memories forever. I just love showing the fans and the viewers me being a mother and I would love to show that more if the opportunity presents itself for another season,” she added.

Speaking of a possible season 5, Lisa confirmed to HL that she’d love to be back on the Peacock show with her entire RHOM cast. “I genuinely like all of the women on the show, so I have no issues with them. Of course we fight like sisters here and there, it’s not like a huge deal for me at least. So I would love to see all of them return.”