Sunny Hostin Shades Kim Kardashian Over ‘Privileged’ Business Advice

'The View' host didn't hide that she felt like Kim's business advice for women came across as sounding 'elitist,' given her upbringing.

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Kim Kardashian, Sunny HOstin
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Sunny Hostin didn’t hold back while discussing Kim Kardashian‘s business advice to “Get your f**king a** up and work” in an interview with Variety. Sunny shaded the reality star for sounding “privileged,” since Kim came from a well-off family and was already in a position to have a successful career during an episode of The View on Thursday March 10. Sunny likened Kim’s success to having a leg up in a baseball game. “I feel like people who are born on third base shouldn’t be talking about how easy it is to hit a home run,” she said.

The View co-host explained that Kim had more at her disposal than others had, which likely made her rise to success smoother. “It helps to be born rich also, like she was. She had a wealthy father. She had a mother who was a business manager. She’s pretty,” she said. “It came off as being very privileged. It came off as being very elitist.”

Sunny Hostin said that Kim sounded ‘privileged’ when giving business advice. (Marion Curtis/StarPix for The Paley Center NY/Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Sunny referred to her own background, growing up poor in the South Bronx, and she said despite her hard work, she didn’t get as far as she thinks that she would’ve if she was in a different position. “I worked twice as hard to get half as far as a lot of people,” she said.

While Joy Behar pointed out that she thought Kim was “tone deaf,” Sara Haines pointed out that the message itself wasn’t bad, even if she maybe could’ve phrased it differently. “She could’ve started with a different sentence to say ‘I recognize I started in a different position,’ and then say the point she made, but if you take the messenger away from the message, she’s not wrong. I think that social media has had a massive influence on a generation of people that think things are easy,” she said.

Guest co-host Stephanie Grisham disagreed with Sunny, explaining that she also came from a less privileged background with a single mother, and she said that a figure like Kim could serve as a role model for others to try to reach the same level of success.”I watched somebody like Kim Kardashian and be inspired. Even if she was more privileged than the rest of us, she’s got quite a reach, and she is getting that message out,” she said.