‘Bullet Train’ Trailer: Bad Bunny Stabs Brad Pitt In Brutal Fight — Watch

All aboard! Brad Pitt stars in the new action flick 'Bullet Train,' and the first trailer gives a glimpse at his epic fights to come with Bad Bunny, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and more.

Brad Pitt is about to be back on the big screen! The first trailer for the Oscar winner’s new movie Bullet Train dropped on March 2, and it looks insane in the best way. Brad stars as Ladybug, who is looking for a fresh start.

Brad PItt
Brad Pitt in the ‘Bullet Train’ trailer. (Sony Pictures)

Ladybug tells Maria Beetle, his handler played by Sandra Bullock, that he is the “new and improved” Ladybug. “I think you might be forgetting what you do for a living,” Maria tells him. Ladybug is tasked with getting his hands on a briefcase while on a Japanese bullet train.

Obtaining this briefcase is not going to be easy. Ladybug heads onto the bullet train — bucket hat and all — to complete his mission. He faces many foes while aboard the train. One of those enemies happens to be played by Bad Bunny.

Yes, Bad Bunny and Brad fight in Bullet Train. Bad Bunny even stabs Ladybug! Ladybug uses the briefcase to block Bad Bunny’s knife, and he’s able to get a few good shots in.

Turns out, there are many people on the bullet train looking for this briefcase. At one point, Zazie Beetz’s Hornet prepares to stab Ladybug and says, “This is going to sting, b*tch!”

The trailer ends with Brad and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s characters, Ladybug and Tangerine, going at each other. One of the train workers interrupts them, and they have to stop their fighting for a brief moment. Ladybug asks for some sparkling water and asks Tangerine if he wouldn’t rather talk this out.

Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny in the ‘Bullet Train’ trailer. (Sony Pictures)

When Tangerine refuses, Ladybug throws that sparkling water bottle right at his face. Their fight moves outside the train as well. Tangerine can be seen hanging on to Ladybug’s leg while Ladybug is holding on for dear life to the moving train. Ladybug better get a big raise after this.

The film also stars Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Logan Lerman, Andrew Koji, Masi OkaMichael Shannon, and more. Bullet Train will premiere exclusively in theaters on July 15.

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