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Cardi B’s Daughter Kulture Gushes Over Her ‘Perfect’ Baby Brother In Cute Video

Kulture is not looking for another baby in the family because she already has the best sibiing in the world! See the adorable video of Cardi B & Offset's daughter saying how she really feels about her little brother.

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Kulture, Cardi B
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Kulture Kiari Cephus doesn’t want to add another sibling to the family just yet, but that’s because her baby brother is more “perfect” than she could ask for. “You want me to have another baby?” the three-year-old’s mom, Cardi B, 29, asked her during an Instagram video shared on Monday. “No!” Kulture quickly responded, causing Cardi to inquire why.

“Because I like my baby brother. He’s perfect,” Kulture said of her 5-month-old sibling, causing mommy to gush, “Aww.”

The little one, whom Cardi shares with 30-year-old rapper Offset, has been showing her utter cuteness on Instagram as of late, as dad Offset recently posted a photo of her playing in the snow with a huge grin on her face. Kulture threw on her pink fleece pants, pink snow boots, silvery puffer jacket, knit cap and scarf, and oversized white earmuffs for the occasion, dropping into the icy white fluff and posing for dad. She went wild making snow angels as Offset captured the moment for all her devoted fans to see. “Kulture snow angel,” Offset proudly captioned the Jan. 30 post.

Fans flocked to the comments section to sing their praises of the little cutie, with one person writing how “adorable” she was and another simply saying “so cute” to the picture. “Kulture done grew up,” remarked another poster while one person said, “What awesome memory created.”

Offset is definitely the best ‘Girl Dad” one could have. When Cardi celebrated his recent birthday, the “Money” rapper shared videos of him goofing around with Kulture. The two each took turns making goofy faces in her Frozen-themed handheld mirror as Offset playfully threw Kulture in his arms in another clip before his baby girl gave him a big smooch. “I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you,” commented Cardi. “We have overcome so much together. I love the man that you’re becoming, and I love the father that you are … I’m so lucky to have you as a partner raising our beautiful kids.”