Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer Reveal If They’d Do A ‘Killing Eve’ Movie

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are back for their fourth and final season of 'Killing Eve,' and fans are already wondering: would they do a movie?

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The fourth and final season of Killing Eve is upon us, and its stars Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are dishing on all the details and answering to fans’ burning questions about a possible movie. “I don’t know, because for me, when I close something, I close it,” Sandra told Extra. “For me, just how I work, I do and I don’t really need to go back.”

The fourth season picks up with Jodie’s Villanelle on a quest to “better herself, to be good,” Jodie shared. “I think with Villanelle, you know, she feels that she is pretty good at most things, but for some reason, there’s this one thing she can’t do. She’s called a monster. People are constantly telling her she can’t change, that she’s bad, and I think she’s on this quest to challenge that and prove people wrong, but I think she’s trying to prove something to herself,” Jodie continued. “Whether she has the ability to do that is another question that will transpire throughout the episodes, but she’s trying.”
Sandra then noted that Eve is in a “completely different place,” adding that her character was “done” with “being polite or denying that she wants to find the 12, that she want to enact revenge, that she wants to do something for herself.”
She continued by saying how much her character changed since the first season and that it was “emotionally very, very challenging” to let go of her character after four seasons.
Sandra Oh, Jodi Comer
Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer at the Golden Globe Awards (Featureflash Photo Agency).

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, both actresses took a break from their characters for a yea, which definitely caused some disorientation once they returned back to set. “There was definitely a moment when we came back for Season 4, like the first week, I was like, ‘Okay, this is gonna take me a minute just to get back into the mentality,’ because there is an energy about her,” Jodie shared.

As for why the showrunners have decided to pull the plug after four seasons, Sandra explained that it was “just the right time to explore the end of this relationship” and have things organically come to a close. “It’s actually a very tricky dynamic to continue on for multiple seasons, and so that has always been a challenge after the first season to sustain truthfully and sustain how they’re gonna grow,” she shared. “It just felt in our bones that this was the right time to bring them to a new place of growth, but it was time to close it.”