Ty Brasel’s ‘4 The Stars’ Captures The ‘Complexities Of Battling Grief’ While Trying To Find Happiness

Set against the ‘essence and culture’ of San Francisco, rapper Ty Brasel tries to escape the gravity of sadness and reach ‘4 The Stars’ while pursuing his hip-hop destiny.

“I’m just trying to beat the odds,” raps Ty Brasel but his mind is on those who didn’t in “4 The Stars.” In the video, premiering here on HollywoodLife, Ty roams the streets of San Francisco while wrestling with some heavy emotions. “Could’ve been dead today / I avoided the death rate / And I seen my brothers in that box,” he raps. “Felt my stomach turn to knots / Felt my world turn and stop.” The vibe of the song – considering those who are no longer here, and how guilty it feels to pursue your dreams while they’re sleeping forever – is perfectly set against the Bay area. Both Ty and J. Monty reflect on how blessed they are to get where they are now, making it a low-key moment of gratitude and humility.

“We shot the ‘4 The Stars’ music video in San Francisco,” Ty shares with HollywoodLife, “because that’s where the director, Mike Folabi is based out of. When he brought the idea to the table, it just felt perfect. He did a great job of capturing the essence and culture of the city and it really brought a new life to the song for me. It’s crazy because it’s one of those motivational anthems but it also speaks on the complexities of battling grief & fear while still pursuing your dreams.”

“4 The Stars” comes from Destiny: Vol. 1, a 13-track mixtape that arrived in 2021. The idea of what holds a person back from their destiny is at the heart of the album. “Doubt, trauma, and fear can threaten to get in the way of people accomplishing their goals, sometimes, they can hinder you from even trying,” he said in a press release along with the album. That message of perseverance is best embodied in “4 The Stars.”

Ty has been reaching heavenward since first discovering his talent for music in his native Memphis. Growing up in the crossroads of East Memphis and Olive Branch, Mississippi (“Memphissippi,” the locals call it), Ty picked up on the southern rap stylings of his peers. He also incorporated some influence from Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone, an artist who Ty has drawn many comparisons to. A wrong turn into drugs and crime led to a divine intervention. With a renewed spiritual compass, Ty set out on his journey to reach his music destiny. Expect more from him when he finally reaches those stars. It will be sooner than you think.

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