Sunny Hostin Calls Camilla Parker-Bowles ‘Queen Adulterer’ After New Title Suggestion

'The View' co-hosts got heated while debating Queen Elizabeth saying she wants Prince Charles' wife Camilla to be 'Queen Consort,' once he's king.

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Sunny Hostin, Camilla Parker-Bowles
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Some things are hard to forget! Sunny Hostin slammed the recent decision to give Camilla Parker-Bowles the title of “Queen Consort,” once her husband Prince Charles ascends to the throne. The View co-host vehemently disagreed with Queen Elizabeth’decision, citing Charles’ infidelity to his first wife, the late Princess Diana, during a Monday February 7 discussion on the talk show.

After her co-host Joy Behar explained the queen’s suggestion, while also mentioning that some people were angry about the title, especially after Charles’ well-documented affair with Camilla, Sunny also said she wasn’t a fan. The co-host pointed to Diana’s interviews after Charles and Camilla’s relationship became public. “Remember that famous interview when Diana, looking so hurt and looking so traumatized and looking, quite frankly, very depressed, said, ‘There were three of us in this marriage,'” she said. “She was never given—I think—the chance by Charles to really be in love, because Camilla was waiting in the wings, like mistresses oftentimes do.”

While showing sympathy to Diana, Sunny suggested that Camilla only get the title of Princess, while making a mistake on the full title. “I don’t think you get the title of Queen, when you really were a mistress, and maybe, you should just stick with Princess Cohort,” she said. After her co-hosts pointed out that she should’ve said “consort” rather than “cohort,” Sunny quipped that it was a “freudian slip,” before offering a very different title to Camilla. “She’s the Queen Adulterer,” she said.

Sunny Hostin disagreed with Camilla Parker-Bowles getting the title of ‘Queen Consort,’ due to her affair with Prince Charles before their marriage. (ABC / Dominic Lipinski/WPA Pool/Shutterstock)

The other co-hosts were more defensive of the decision, with Ana Navarro pointing out that this was likely a move from Queen Elizabeth to make her son happy. “Obviously, Camilla does not fit the Disney Princess narrative. She doesn’t fit the look, but there’s only one person who cares about this, and its Charles, who apparently has some sort of codependent, lifelong soulmate relationship,” she said, while also saying that the situation between Charles, Diana and Camilla was likely “complicated.”

Sara Haines agreed that the queen was likely trying to do something nice for Charles. “She might be trying to get on good graces, as she reaches her twilight years,” she said. Joy also pointed out that many royals have had affairs and told Sunny to “relax on this one.” Joy also proclaimed, “Let him be happy as he’s the king!” Before cutting to the commercial break, Sunny got one last jab at the royals in, citing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey and accusations they made against the royal family. “They didn’t let Harry be happy with his princess,” she said.