‘Raising Dion’s Alisha Wainwright & Rome Flynn Tease Season 2 Romance: There’s ‘Chemistry’

'Raising Dion' returns for season 2 on February 1. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Alisha Wainwright and new cast member Rome Flynn about a possible romance, life after the Crooked Man showdown, and more.

After a two-year wait, Raising Dion is back for its highly-anticipated second season. Dion is getting older and still grappling with his tremendous powers. Nicole will do anything to protect her son, so she’s understandably a bit “cautious” when a man named Tevin comes into Dion’s life as his trainer and mentor at Biona.

Rome Flynn Alisha Wainwright
Rome Flynn and Alisha Wainwright as Tevin and Nicole. (Neflix)

Alisha Wainwright told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that sparks will fly between Nicole and Tevin, but they won’t be rushing into a romance. “It’s hard because unfortunately as much as we want to see a romance unfold, it’s not a priority for her,” Alisha said. “But I think sometimes she and I think a lot of parents can relate to, you don’t necessarily put yourself first. You’re always kind of thinking about your kid. She’s seeing that he seems like a great person. He seems like he is letting Dion just be himself. He’s not trying to influence him in any way that she can feel is bad, so it’s just about loosening up, watching it, and being tentative. I think she has a right to be cautious. But she’s constantly looking at Tevin as like, is he a good influence on my kid? But then also there’s an attraction there. There’s a chemistry there. They let it unfold together but there’s always a priority I think of Dion.”

After the situation with Pat didn’t turn out so well for Nicole and Dion, Rome Flynn stressed that Tevin is a “positive” influence on Dion. “He hasn’t had really a — besides his dad — a male figure like Tevin that he could trust,” Rome told HollywoodLife. “I think over the season he builds that trust with him. Towards the end, they become a sort of duo where Dion is asking him about certain things. I think also Tevin’s learning about himself through Dion, which is a reflection of life. It’s always amazing when you get to play that on-screen because for me that’s what it’s all about.”

Raising Dion
Nicole with Dion in season 2. (Netflix)

While Nicole will always be protective of Dion, she’s going to start letting him have a bit more freedom. It’ll be a balancing act for Nicole to let Dion be a kid and also a kid with superhuman powers.

“She’s encouraging him to explore outside the home a little bit more but within the parameters that she feels comfortable,” Alisha said. “As kids start to get influenced by other kids and face some of that peer pressure, it’s like how much do you lean into giving the kid what he wants because he wants to impress other people and how much do you give him because you know it’s just good for him to kind of get out there. She a little bit of that season 1, but in season 2 it’s even more reinforced as she gets a little sick and she has to kind of figure out okay what is life going to look like if I can’t always be there to just show up all the time and have his back. You kind of have to trust a little bit.” Raising Dion season 2 premieres February 1 on Netflix.

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