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Aaron Rodgers’ Feelings On His Future In The NFL After Green Bay’s Playoffs Loss

Aaron Rodgers may be keeping his options open after the Green Bay Packers lost their playoffs game 10-13.

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Aaron Rodgers, 38, is more open to switching sides after his team the Green Bay Packers lost their playoff game 10-13. Their loss came as a shock considering how early it is in the playoffs and many predicted that the Packers would triumph over the San Francisco 49ers. Even though this loss is a big factor in Aaron’s decision, “there has been drama all season when it has come to Aaron and if he would stay with Green Bay after the season,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “No one including himself expected they would be out of the playoffs so early as they all thought they would be in the Super Bowl this season,” they added.

aaron rodgers
Aaron Rodgers on the field. (Rick Scuteri/AP/Shutterstock)

Our insider explained that now comes that time when he has to plan and “worry about next year and it isn’t going to be retirement.” “His instant thoughts are that he is going to leave,” our source confessed. “He is looking to give it a go with another team as there is still gas in the tank for that he still can play at a high level and wants to play at a high level.”

Apparently, there has been “animosity with the management and coaching of the Packers” throughout the entire season, and doing so poorly in the playoffs may have been the last straw for Aaron. He reportedly wants to pull a “Tom Brady” and “set his own future as his career comes to a close.” And for Aaron, he feels the best way to do that is to join another team.

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers during the first half of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 28, 2021 (Shutterstock)

The quarterback has already come up with some options for his NFL dream team. He has his eyes set on the “Denver [Broncos], Tennessee [Titans] and Pittsburgh [Steelers].” Tom had a similar experience where he was on the New England Patriots for 19 years. Even though his team felt he was at retiring age, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted him so he joined their team and he went on to win the Super Bowl with them in 2021.

Aaron has been on the Packers since 2005, making this his 14th season. During his time on the Packers, the team has only made one Super Bowl appearance and victory. And now that he no longer has a shot of eyeing a second Super Bowl with the Packers, it seems like he’s ready to move on. “If it were to go all down today, he would likely look to leave,” our source concluded.