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Demi Lovato Confirms Next Album Won’t Be Pop As They Throw Up Middle Fingers In The Studio

New year, new Demi. The former pop star is taking on a new genre for their next album with a pic that gave off major edgy vibes.

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Demi Lovato
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This is the dawn of a new era for Demi Lovato, 29. Almost all the singer’s hit albums including Confident, Tell Me You Love Me, Dancing With the Devil and Unbroken are exclusively pop. That won’t be the case this go around. Not only is the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer recording a new album but they’re exploring an entirely new genre with it. They announced the big news with a post of them throwing up two middle fingers with their recording team.

In the moody pic, everyone wore black and edgy expressions on their faces. Noting the dismal tone of the snap, Demi wrote, “A funeral for my pop music” in the post’s caption. This is definitely a big shift from the pop diva era of their career. While they didn’t say what new genre their next album would be, the angsty pic implies they might be leaning towards a rock vibe. And it wouldn’t be the first time for the People’s Choice award winner. Their first album “Don’t Forget” was pretty edgy and was dubbed pop-rock verging on the edge of rock.

They also recently embraced a new edgy vibe in their appearance. They recently visited tattoo artist extraordinaire and got some ink done on their skull. The singer rocked their fresh buzz cut as they showed off a hyper-realistic spider tattoo. They also recently completed the look with a new ear piercing that features a stud at the end of Demi’s earlobe and a bar going across their cartilage.

As for Demi’s spider tattoo, it supposedly has a very special meaning to them. “It was Grandmother Spider who taught us many things,” the “Confident” singer wrote on Instagram. “She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark. She taught us that we are all connected on the web — each one of us having our own place in this world.”

This comes shortly after the Camp Rock star was released from rehab. They left the Utah rehabilitation center on Jan. 8, 2022, after declaring the month prior that they were no longer “California sober,” meaning they just drink and do marijuana. The singer declared that no longer worked for them and was determined to stay “Sober sober.”