Karl-Anthony Towns Surprises Jordyn Woods With A Porsche As COVID Keeps Them Apart For Christmas

Special delivery! Jordyn Woods' boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns made she had a great Christmas even though they couldn't be together.

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Jordyn Woods, 24, was in for quite the treat when she woke up on Christmas morning, Saturday, Dec. 25. Boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns, 26, made it an unforgettable Xmas by surprising her with a stunning brown Porsche Taycan after being kept apart from his love due to covid. Jordyn looked glam while rocking cute PJs as she leaned against her new wheels and showed them off on Instagram. Making the gift even better, Karl-Anthony gave her a chic Louis Vuitton racing jacket to drive in.

The model was simply ecstatic in her caption, telling her 12.1 million followers, “WTF!! I thought last night was enough and then I woke up to this!! My forever Santa!! I love you @karltowns !! I’m speechless!! You never fail to make me feel like a queen! WTF THE BROWN we talked about!?!? With the rose gold too!?!?” Still, she felt lonely without her NBA hunk, adding, “I’m so sad this is the second year in a row that covid prevented us from being together on Christmas but your presence was felt.”

Karl-Anthony’s over-the-top gifts didn’t stop there. He also gave his love a collection of 5 spendy designer bags, which included a sparkling Judith Lieber clutch that looked like a slice of pizza; a studded, purple Prada Re-edition; and a shiny, black, crocodile skin Balenciaga hourglass bag.

Karl-Anthony Towns, Jordyn Woods
Karl-Anthony Towns made sure girlfriend Jordyn Woods had a great Christmas even though they couldn’t be together. (ShotbyNYP / BACKGRID)

Jordyn and KAT have been head-over-heels for one another since going public in Aug. 2020. The Minnesota Timberwolves star revealed how Jordyn “changed his life” — in big ways and small — during a joint interview for GQ’s Couple’s Quiz at the start of Nov. Asked what his favorite restaurant was, Karl confessed, “Let me tell you something, fans… man. Women change you” before revealing his newfound love for sushi, which was born from their date-nights at celeb-hot spot Nobu.

“I ain’t never got no palate like I got right now,” he said. “I ain’t never thought about eating no raw sushi, raw fish… But here comes little ol’ Jordyn Woods in my life, and now all of a sudden, we gotta go to Nobu all the time.” Making a point about taking chances, he said, “After about four times of going to Nobu and like not eating anything, and only maybe having like the fried chicken or the chicken teriyaki with rice, I finally said, ‘You know what, let me try that yellowtail jalapeño’ and ever since then, it’s changed my life.” He added, “Babe, understand, you changed my life for sure, but that, that changed my life.”