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Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Son Hank Jr., 12, Is 5’8″ & Says She’s ‘Bawling’ Over How Much He’s Grown Up

Kendra Wilkinson revealed her reaction to seeing son Hank IV tower over her in a series of holiday family photos.

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Kendra Wilkinson
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Kendra Wilkinson was “bawling” after seeing her son Hank IV, 12, all grown up! The 36-year-old reality star, who has been pursuing her passion in real estate on her new discovery+ series Kendra Sells Hollywood, spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife and revealed what it was like seeing her son tower over her in a series of snapshots she shared on Thanksgiving with Hank and daughter Alijah, 7, both of whom she shares with ex-husband Hank Baskett

“It’s amazing. I’m a little bit emotional. I was just bawling,” the former Girls Next Door star said. “I was like, ‘You know, you’re my baby’ (crying sounds). Me and Hank were talking about how he was born and his birth. We started talking about it and I was just crying. I just remember that day he was born in Indianapolis and holding him. Now, he’s like 5’8” at 11 years old.”

Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson has been pursuing her passion of real estate on her new reality show, ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ (discovery+)

Kendra discussed birthday plans as Hank IV turned 12 on Dec. 11. “We’re just going to have a little party for him and celebrate the beautiful boy he is,” the mom-of-two said, adding that her relationship with ex Hank III is “beautiful”. The Kendra on Top star said, “Knowing Hank Jr.’s birthday is coming up, we talked two days ago. I get a little emotional and we just talked about his birth, and how special he is.”

When asked how she manages to co-parent so well with Hank, the blonde beauty explained, “You just do it. Fighting takes a lot of – you, know, everyone’s situation is different. Ours luckily, we are both good people. Marriages, sometimes, they just don’t last. It’s pretty easy, you just take the ‘L’ and move forward.”

Kendra Wilkinson
The proud mom-of-two was ‘bawling’ after seeing her son Hank IV all grown up (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Kendra has been pursuing her passion in real estate as she stars on her new discovery+ series, Kendra Sells Hollywood. After taking a break from reality television for a while, Kendra decided it was time for a shift in careers. “It was a couple years of trying to figure out my life. I didn’t think reality TV was coming back and I didn’t think fame was an option anymore. So I started to hang up my cleats, I kind of retired reality TV,” she explained.

“I was in a very lost place and I took a couple years to get on my feet and start real estate. I got into real estate for so many reasons. I should’ve chosen it a little earlier to be honest with you. But the time aligned to commit to it and learn it and to enter it with the most amazing, most professional real estate brokers out there with Douglas Elliman. I’m partnered up with Ernie Carswell and I’m on his team. So, it all just happened and it’s all aligning so I’m very, very excited.”

The season finale of Kendra Sells Hollywood airs December 15 and will stream on discovery+.