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Jeremy Meeks Reveals His Secret To Co-Parenting With His Exes: ‘My Kids Changed My Life’

The 'True To The Game 3' star spoke about how his children are his biggest motivator in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

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Jeremy Meeks
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While being both an actor and model takes up plenty of time, Jeremy Meeks37, values his relationship and time with his kids above all else. The Dear Best Friend star explained his the secrets to co-parenting with his ex-wife Melissa Meeks, 41, and ex-girlfriend Chloe Green30, as well as the special bond he has with his two sons and stepson in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

Jeremy, who is also known as “Hot Felon” for a viral mugshot photo of him that circulated after his June 2014 arrest, revealed that “balance” is the key to his relationships with his sons Jeremy Jr., 12, and Jayden Meeks-Green, 3, as well as his stepson Robert, 15. His sons are clearly everything to him, and drive him to want change. “My kids changed my life, as wild as it was, my kids slow me down and now they are my motivation and they are my fuel to what I do, why I do it,” he told HollywoodLife. “I am trying to change the generation of wealth; I am trying to change the generation of curse.”

Jeremy attends a UEFA football match with his son Jeremy Jr. in 2018. (LIONEL URMAN/SIPA/Shutterstock)

Other than serving as his biggest inspiration, Jeremy also spoke about the “sacrifices” that come with being a father, and how he wants his kids to have a stronger upbringing than he did. “There’s numerous times I really would want to fly overseas. I would rather be at my sons basketball game, but I just have to make a sacrifice for the future. So that they can live a better life than I do or ever did,” he said. Later in the conversation, he also explained that he was looking forward to spending the holidays with his kids. “I just love being around my family and my friends and my loved ones,” Jeremy explained.

Jeremy’s kids also seem to be inspired by their dad’s acting abilities, and they may follow in his footsteps. He revealed that one of his sons had just booked his first movie role, and Robert made a cameo in True To The Game 3. While he’s “excited” for his boys to kick off their acting careers, he’d be just as pleased if they do something else. “I let my kids know that they don’t have to have pressure, they don’t have to do anything in Hollywood. They can do whatever they want to do, and I am going to support them in whatever they want,” he told HL. 

Jeremy spoke about how his kids are his biggest motivator. (LIONEL URMAN/SIPA/Shutterstock)

Before acting and modeling, Jeremy had been involved in gang activity in California, after he was arrested at age 18 in 2002 and served two years in prison. He was arrested again in 2014 on weapons charges, when his mugshot went viral. Shortly after being convicted in 2015, he signed a modeling contract, and his first headshot was released in June 2016, three months after he was released in March 2016.