Jeremy Meeks: Beat Up Teenager To A ‘Pulp’ In 2002 — Report

Jeremy Meeks: Hot, but with an absolutely terrifying past. Everyone's favorite viral villain allegedly got into a fight with a 16-year-old and "beat him to a pulp" in 2002, according to a new report. While the world swoons over Jeremy's perfect baby blue eyes, more details have become known about his criminal past. Jeremy Meeks, 30, has gone viral since being arrested for a felony charge of street terrorism as well as for a misdemeanor charge of resisting/obstruction of justice on June 18. The sexy mugshot poser was put behind bars for the first time -- and had his jailhouse pic snapped -- in 2002. We have scary new details about Jeremy's first crime and lockup.

Jeremy Meeks 2002 Arrest Beating
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Image Credit: Courtesy Of Stockton Police Department

Jeremy Meeks: Arrested In 2002 For Beating A Teenager ‘To A Pulp’

Jeremy’s 2002 crime is downright chilling. Jeremy “was charged in 2002 with robbery and corporal injury to a child,” according to TMZ. “He allegedly jumped a 16-year-old and beat him to a pulp.” After making a plea deal, the report states that Jeremy was sentenced to a two-year stint in a California prison. During this time, Jeremy admitted that he was affiliated with a gang — he was a Northside Gangster Crip. 

We have to admit, this new information scares us a bit. While it’s fun to joke about the viral sensation and his gorgeous blue eyes, it’s important to remember that Jeremy is also a convicted felon — and we can imagine the family of that 16-year-old he allegedly beat up was deeply traumatized and hurt by Jeremy’s actions.

It’s been 12 years since Jeremy allegedly committed this crime, and he served his time, but this new report shows a darker side of this gorgeous inmate we haven’t seen yet.

Jeremy Meeks: Niece Says Inmate ‘Gave His Heart To God’

According to Jeremy’s niece, her uncle is a very different man today. “He is a loving father, husband, brother and uncle,” she told Mail Online. “He has a past and because of it he is being stereotyped. We wish all the judgement would stop… He just wants to get home to his family.”

She insisted that her uncle is focused on his wife and son — and religion. “He gave his heart to God, that is why he changed,” she revealed.

Does this new information change how YOU feel about Jeremy, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

— Megan Ross

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