‘And Just Like That’s Niall Cunningham Teases ‘Competing Forces’ Between Brady’s GF & Miranda

Brady Hobbes is all grown up! HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Niall Cunningham about Brady's 'tumultuous' relationship with his parents and whether Miranda approves of Brady's girlfriend.

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Niall Cunningham
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Sex and the City fans watched Brady’s birth all those years ago in season 4. When And Just Like That… begins, Brady is in full-fledged teenager mode. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Niall Cunningham about what to expect from Brady in the episodes ahead.

His relationship with his parents is “tumultuous,” Niall told HollywoodLife at the New York City premiere of And Just Like That… on December 8. “You’re fighting to find yourself and make mistakes that you think are not mistakes and that definitely steps on other people’s toes. It’s a tough time,” Niall said about what’s coming up for Brady.

Niall Cunningham
Niall Cunningham and Cree Cicchino at the ‘And Just Like That…’ premiere. (Dave Allocca/Starpix/Shutterstock)

Brady does have a girlfriend named Luisa, and they are not shy about their feelings for each other. Niall teased that Luisa “keeps Brady in check and is a bit of a mature presence for him or mitigating force.”

But does Miranda approve of Brady’s approval? “I think it’s a complicated approval,” Niall revealed. “If I were a parent, I’d think Luisa is a great influence. Brady’s a difficult boy, I would say, but they’re strong-willed. So it’s competing forces of Luisa and Miranda.”

Charlotte’s kids, Lily and Rose, are no longer babies. Niall noted that the Sex and the City kids have grown up together. “I feel like it’s sort of like a cousin or sibling relationship,” Niall told HollywoodLife about Brady’s relationships with Lily and Rose. “Obviously, within the show, the three ladies are so close and their families definitely are as well.”

He teased that Brady, Lily, and Rose will “absolutely” cause some trouble for their parents. “I feel like Rose is on a similar track to Brady in that way,” he said.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg in ‘And Just Like That…’ (HBO Max)

Being the son of Miranda and Steve, Brady has gotten to work alongside Cynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg. “They have just such great chemistry,” Niall said of Cynthia and David. “I mean, just seeing them play around. They’re both so fluid and talented and also just very generous. You feel like you’re always having a real conversation and sharing stuff together, not having anybody hog a scene or anything like that there. It’s always such an ensemble. I feel like it’s reflected in the way the show came out. Just that it’s an ensemble show.” New episodes of And Just Like That… premiere Thursdays on HBO Max.

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