‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser: Rip Will Go ‘As Far As Is Necessary’ To Get Revenge For The Duttons

Rip Wheeler is out for blood after this hit on the Duttons. HL got EXCLUSIVE season 4 scoop from Cole Hauser about Rip's next moves, what's going on with Beth, and more.

Someone put a hit out on the Duttons, and Rip is not going to rest until vengeance is served. Yellowstone returns for season 4 on November 7, and it’s Rip’s job to figure out what happened. When it comes to revenge after this brutal attack on John, Beth, and Kayce, Cole Hauser told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Rip will go “as far as is necessary, I think, and maybe even a little further.”

This hit will change the lives of those living on the Dutton ranch forever. “It can’t not change, but I think what you’ll see in [season] 4 is that you’re going to see a change in a lot of people’s stories,” Cole said. “I think that’s what’s really brilliant this year. Taylor [Sheridan] really, once again, kind of outdid himself in the sense of being able to identify all the characters and show these different stories and how this really affects the rest of the year on so many different aspects — physically, mentally. The characters are obviously going to go through a lot so, yeah, just another great year of Taylor doing his thing.”

Cole Hauser
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler. (Paramount Network)

The last time we saw Beth, she was caught up in an explosion at work. Her fate is still somewhat unknown, but Cole has all the faith in the world that Beth will make it out. “She’s tough as nails. She’ll be alright,” Cole noted.

Finn Little has joined the cast of season 4 as Carter, a young boy Beth takes under her wing. So, how will Rip take to this new kid in his life?

Cole Hauser
Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly as Rip and Beth. (Paramount Network)

“He’s not like Rip,” Cole told HollywoodLife. “He’s definitely a tortured soul, but we didn’t have the same upbringing, same relationships. He is kind of his own thing, but I think what hopefully the audience will see [and] I know Kelly and I really worked hard at was being able to manage this kid within our relationship and the growth of it. I think he’s somebody that brings out different colors in us, and you get to see us being able to have to deal with something other than each other.” Yellowstone season 4 airs Sundays on Paramount Network.

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