Shanna Moakler Seems to Shade Travis Barker After He Covers Her Name Tattoo With Kourtney’s Lips

The drummer's ex-wife appeared to reference Travis Barker's new tattoo with a screenshot from the movie 'Point of No Return.'

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Shanna Moakler seems like she’s not sweating the small stuff! The 46-year-old model took to her Instagram Story on Monday October 25, and seemed to reference her ex-husband Travis Barker45, covering a tattoo of her name with a lip print from his new fiancée Kourtney Kardashian42. The former Miss USA runner-up posted a still from the 1993 action movie Point of No Return. 

The still showed a scene where Anne Bancroft’s character was speaking to Bridget Fonda and delivered one of the most iconic lines in the movie: “I never did mind about the little things,” which Shanna also included in her Story, along with the lip-print emoji. While not a definite response, it did seem to be referring to the blink-182 drummer’s latest tattoo, which also included a scorpion right over where her name had been prior. Travis had shared photos of his new ink on Instagram on Monday.

Shanna seemed to respond to Travis covering her name with a tattoo of Kourtney’s kiss. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock/ABC/Shutterstock)

Since Travis and Kourtney got engaged on October 17, Shanna has posted a few things on social media that fans have thought were referring to her ex-husband and father of two of her kids (Alabama Luella, 15, and Landon Asher, 18). Shortly after the two got engaged, Shanna shared a Tupac Shakur quote that said, “Before you ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you give a f**k.” Another cryptic message that said “Temporarily Closed For Spiritual Maintenance” was also posted on her Instagram Story. While fans thought Shanna was acting shady, she insisted that she hadn’t said anything about her ex-husband and his new fiancée. She did clap back at someone who told her that by having a Kardashian as a step-mom her kids would be “Hollywood Royalty.” Shanna responded, “I’m their mother, they were royalty long before.”

While the quote in the movie still made it sound like Shanna was unbothered by Travis covering up the old tattoo, Shanna has cast some serious shade on Kourtney in the past, like in May when TMZ captured a video of her saying that Kourtney was “destroying [her] family.” A source close to Shanna recently revealed to HollywoodLife that she was “really hurt,” when her kids went to the engagement party. “She loves her kids and wants nothing more than her kids to be happy and safe, but the idea of having them be a part of the most famous family in America would be daunting for anyone,” the source said.