‘Honey Girls’ Star Ava Grace Reveals She Admires Co-Star Ashanti’s ‘Confidence’

Ava Grace is a rising star in Hollywood and spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about her exciting role in the movie 'Honey Girls,' what she learned from Ashanti, and more.

Ava Grace
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The hit Build-A-Bear line is coming to life in the new film Honey Girls. The movie, which is now available on VOD and DVD, follows pop star Fancy G (Ashanti) as she seeks to find the next big thing in music. Ava Grace stars as Charlie, one of the talented young singers that form the Honey Girls trio.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Ava Grace about her Honey Girls journey. She revealed how this experience has inspired her songwriting and what she admires about Ashanti. Read our Q&A below:

Ava Grace
Ava Grace stars in the new film ‘Honey Girls.’ (Photographer: Great High)

What did you love about playing Charlie in Honey Girls?
Ava Grace: I think the best part of getting to play Charlie, is getting to be surrounded by her wonderful friends Alex and Maya. We really had so much fun together filming the movie and have many memories to look back on. I also loved playing Charlie’s character. She is reserved and quiet but super into music. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to music, she writes songs and spends her time listening and learning about musical artists.

What’s something you learned from working with Ashanti?
Ava Grace: Something I really admire about Ashanti is her powerful presence and confidence. So from working with her, I definitely learned from that.

This is your first major movie, have you always wanted to act?
Ava Grace: I found a love for acting when I was 7 and started auditioning for musical theatre. I was in a bunch of plays before I moved on to focusing on songwriting and film.

Are you still close with your co-stars? How did you all get to know each other?
Ava Grace: Aliyah [Mastin], Frankie [McNellis], and I still talk and Facetime whenever we can. As for the other girls, we have a group chat we all text in, and we all miss each other incredibly! During filming, we all got close by getting to spend time together both on and off set. A really interesting story actually, is that Frankie, Aliyah, and I knew each other before we got cast in Honey Girls. On the callback we were giggling when we saw each other and immediately texted each other right after, it’s so crazy how that happened!

How does it feel to be able to showcase your singing in the film?
Ava Grace: Getting to showcase both acting and singing really added to the experience. I also got to dance, even though my character is not supposed to be good at dancing! Going to the rehearsals with everyone was always full of excitement, energy, and good boba tea from next door!

Ava Grace
Ava Grace with her ‘Honey Girls’ co-stars. (Everett Collection)

Did this movie or this experience inspire any songwriting on your end?
Ava Grace: Filming Honey Girls definitely inspired songwriting. One of the things that actually really amplifies my ideas and writing is meeting new people and experiencing new things. When I was in Vancouver for the filming of Honey Girls, I brought this teeny tiny keyboard from home and every time I got back from a set I’d go into my room and play it and write. Even though I didn’t have a full piano, it still got the job done!

Who are your acting and singing inspirations?
Ava Grace: Two of my favorite actresses are Winona Ryder and Florence Pugh. I really admire both of their work! As for musical artists, I really enjoy listening to Fiona Apple, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Lauryn Hill, Queen, Stevie Wonder, and so many more.

How has Honey Girls inspired you?
Ava Grace: The people I met during working on Honey Girls have inspired me greatly. I built so many bonds that I believe will last a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

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