‘RHOBH’ Season Finale Recap: Erika Threatens To ‘Sock’ Sutton In The ‘F***ing Mouth’

Erika Jayne wasn't happy to hear that Sutton Stracke still thinks she's a liar. Plus, old issues between Lisa and Garcelle arose at Crystal’s Chinese New Year party.

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Erika Jayne grabbed some dinner with Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Rinna during the Oct. 6 season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while the evening was supposed to be fun for her, Erika’s mood quickly changed after she learned that Sutton Stracke is still calling her a liar behind her back.

It was Kyle (surprise, surprise), who told Erika that Sutton still doesn’t believe her car accident story involving Tom Girardi, but Erika doesn’t care. She said she has bigger fish to fry — however, if Sutton keeps questioning her, she said she might have to “sock her in the f***ing mouth”. Kyle told Erika not to say that, but Erika didn’t care. She insisted that the car accident did happen, but when she went to retell the story, she couldn’t even remember the details. Dorit had to fill in the holes for her, and Kyle couldn’t believe it when Erika added more details to the story that she didn’t share before — like it was her son who found Tom unconscious.

Later, when the ladies united At Crystal Kung Minkoff‘s Chinese New Year party, everyone seemed excited to usher in a change of fortune. But Erika had no interest in interacting with Sutton, so when Sutton arrived at the party, Erika walked away to go check out the candy display.

Then, after everyone sat down for dinner, Sutton told Erika that she wanted to start fresh and move past their issues. She even apologized to Erika, but when it was Erika’s place to accept the apology, the room fell silent. Things got super awkward, and after the group asked her to speak, she just said, “thank you”.

In her private confessional, Erika said she had no interest in accepting an apology from someone who spent all season questioning her truth. But later, she and Sutton agreed to have a one-on-one chat at a later date. Just not at that moment.

In other finale news, Garcelle Beauvais asked Lisa if she could reach out to Denise Richards and patch things up, following their fallout from last season. Lisa said she’d be open to it, but in her private confessional, she said her relationship with Denise was none of Garcelle’s business.

Want more drama? The RHOBH four-part reunion premieres next Wednesday, Oct. 13, at 8pm on Bravo. Watch the trailer for it, above!


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