Shawn Mendes’ ‘Awkward’ Run-In With Hailey Baldwin At The Met Gala Is All Anyone’s Talking About

Shawn Mendes & Hailey Baldwin ran into each other at the 2021 Met Gala & everyone is saying how 'awkward' the encounter was.

Shawn Mendes, 23, and girlfriend Camila Cabello, 24, were getting ready in their hotel for the 2021 Met Gala in a new video for Vogue. In the “Get Ready” video, the couple recorded their entire day leading up to the main event, and towards the end of the eight-minute video, they run into Hailey Baldwin, 24, and Justin Bieber, 27, in the lobby. The video has since gone viral on TikTok because people think it is the most awkward run-in ever.

At seven minutes, 22 seconds, you can see both the couples’ interactions. Camila immediately sees them, waves, and walks over with a big smile on her face. Shawn gives both Hailey and Justin a hug and Hailey is smiling but is completely silent. At one point, Justin looked at Shawn and said, “you went with the no shirt vibes I like it.” He then laughed and said, “you got to flex it if you have it.”

While Justin and Shawn were chatty with one another, Hailey did not say a word and barely made eye contact with Shawn. Then, she tapped Justin’s shoulder and said, “alright baby we got to get ready,” and then looked at both Shawn and Camila and quickly said, “we’ll see you guys there.” It seemed as though Justin didn’t think it was awkward considering he walked away saying, “I love you guys so much.”

What made the encounter even more awkward is the fact that Shawn and Hailey were each other’s dates to the 2018 Met Gala. Five months later, Hailey and Justin got married. People thought this meeting was so awkward, they gushed about it on TikTok. One user wrote, “the tension here is just too much,” while another person commented, “I feel awkward watching this just thinking about their past.” However, some people came to their defense and said, “Honestly, this is every 20 something year old interaction.” Another user wrote, “If this is awkward thank god no one films my interactions.”

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