‘My Unorthodox Life’s Julia Haart Teases Possible Season 2 Of Netflix Series: We’re Just Getting Started

Are you already craving a season 2 of 'My Unorthodox Life?' Join the club! Star Julia Haart spoke to HL about a possible second installment of the series & more!

The new, top-rated Netflix series, My Unorthodox Life, has captivated audiences far and wide as they follow former ultra-Orthodox Jew and now-Elite World Group CEO Julia Haart and her family through their every day lives. Julia, who escaped the suppressing religious community at the age of 43, is now a 50-year-old fashion mogul and branding expert who took her longtime love of style and made it into a career by being driven and passionate as hell. Now, people are itching for a season 2 and in an EXCLUSIVE TV Talk interview with Julia, the style star revealed her own hopes for a second season and how fans can help make it happen! “All I can say is if you want a season two, and we’ve got hundreds of thousands of people commenting saying they want one, then tag Netflix!” she advised. “We’ll find out in a few weeks!”

Julia Haart, star of ‘My Unorthodox Life’ on Netflix. (Lucy Helena Van Ellis)

Julia added, “We’ve put in so much of our lives and who we are, and we’re just getting started. This is the beginning of the mission. So yes, we would love to continue and share our lives with the world.”

Julia’s story is one of defiance, strength and freedom. “The show is not about my past, it’s about my present,” she explained. “The purpose of everything I do is to help build an army of women to become financially independent. Because to me, that’s not having to ask permission — being able to live on your own and support yourself. That’s freedom. And that’s the goal.”

Julia Haart rocks the runway alongside Bebe Rexha at her e1972 fashion show. (Netflix)

The former creative director for La Perla escaped the ultra-Orthodox community in Monsey, New York in 2013, after years of feeling like there was something “innately wrong” with her. “You’ve got 5,000 years of tradition telling you that all those things you want are bad. It’s not a fair fight. So, the first 30 something years of my life, I tried to fix myself,” Julia told HL. “I was literally trying to literally break who I am to be that person that they wanted me to be. Meaning, I was supposed to be quiet. I was supposed to be the woman behind the man. I was supposed to cook and clean, make money so that he could study Torah. That was my purpose. My purpose was as a helpmate, to make someone else great.”

Julia is the current CEO and co-owner of Elite World Group. (Netflix)

When Julia’s third child, her daughter Miriam, “started asking questions” about her upbringing at the age of 5, the now-fashion icon knew it was time to leave. “She gave me permission to say, ‘Wait, it’s not that something’s wrong with me, something is wrong with this system. Miriam saved my life,” she revealed on the TV Talk.

We absolutely love the Haart’s and their journey through life — if you want a season 2 of My Unorthodox Life, make sure you’re tagging @Netflix on IG and Twitter and asking them for more!

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