‘Stargirl’s Meg DeLacy Teases A ‘Vengeful’ Cindy In Season 2 & A ‘Struggle’ With Eclipso

'Stargirl' is back for season 2, and Cindy Burman is on the warpath. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Meg DeLacy about Cindy's 'struggle' with Eclipso, how Cindy and Courtney's relationship evolves, and more.

Meg DeLacy
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It’s been exactly a year since the Stargirl season 1 finale aired, and now the crew is back for season 2. The first season ended with Cindy Burman/Shiv on the loose. She got her hands on a black diamond and summoned Eclipso. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Meg DeLacy about what to expect from Cindy in season 2.

“Once you enter back into season 2, Cindy’s dropped out of school. She’s no longer in school, so the last six months she’s spent on this desolate island kind of learning about the diamonds,” Meg told HollywoodLife. “In season 1, we leave off with my character summoning the entity that lives in this black diamond. She’s been spending the last 6 months kind of learning about the history in detail, the rise and fall of the ISA and the JSA in the past, and then also kind of creating this in-depth relationship with Eclipso, who lives in this black diamond. When we enter season 2, she’s kind of on a mission. She knows exactly what she wants to do, which is kind of targeting the kids of the ISA’s adult cast from last season.”

Meg DeLacy
Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman/Shiv on ‘Stargirl.’ (The CW)

Eclipso is a well-known supervillain from the DC Comics universe. He’s the incarnation of the Wrath of God and the Angel of Vengeance. Meg teased that while Eclipso and Cindy are both “master manipulators,” Eclipse knows “exactly what he’s doing when he’s kind of taking advantage of Cindy’s ability to be actually physically out in the world since he has to be invited out.”

She noted that there will be a “whole struggle, this push and pull of trust and manipulation and power with Cindy using it for her mission versus what Eclipso actually wants. It’s going to be kind of a back and forth with that when it comes to taking over people’s minds. He uses these hallucinations and visions to control people outwardly.”

Meg DeLacy
Meg DeLacy is back for season 2 of ‘Stargirl.’ (Photographer: Heather Gildroy)

The first season ended with a jaw-dropping showdown between Cindy/Shiv and Courtney/Stargirl. Meg told HollywoodLife that Cindy and Courtney’s relationship will evolve, but Cindy still has a chip on her shoulder about Courtney.

“The whole reason why Cindy’s even coming back to Blue Valley is because she thinks that Star Girl/Courtney was the sole reason things went awry in season 1, that ISA had this whole plan for a long time to take over, and Stargirl comes out of nowhere and messes things up,” Meg said. “She’s very vengeful towards Stargirl, and she sees Courtney as this whole golden child with this perfect life and family. Eventually, as the season goes on, their relationship evolves and she sees through her good because darkness essentially lurks within everyone. To then create the light, you need darkness to create the light, and she helps Courtney in realizing how to accept this dark, and how to learn to let it go. Cindy’s a big reason why Courtney comes to terms with that so that they can escape this world that they’re stuck in. She doesn’t believe in this whole goody-two-shoes act, and I think the audience will have a really fun time seeing how this unfolds as Cindy continues to call Courtney out on a lot of her BS.”

Meg DeLacy
Meg DeLacy in the season 1 finale. (The CW)

When it comes to season 2, Meg revealed that Stargirl takes a “deep dive into everyone’s origin story and the reason why they are the way that they are and how, yes, these are superheroes and supervillains, but they are still teenagers at the end of the day. They’re dealing with everyday teenage stuff, which is what we got with them in season 1 as well but season 2 is just a deeper dive into the reasons why.”

As for Cindy’s arc, Meg teased that Cindy’s relationship with her mother is explored in a deeper way. “She is on a mission but also struggling with this guilt that happened with her mother when she was 7, how she accidentally killed her and didn’t know how to work with the power that was implanted in her body, which her dad never really taught her how to use properly. That’s a constant back and forth with Cindy in season 2, just dealing with the lack of a mother figure,” Meg said. Stargirl season 2 will air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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