Singer Essy Brings Some ‘Healing’ On New Song ‘So Far’: It’s ‘Something I Wrote To Cry & Dance To’

Synthpop superstar Essy finds herself lost in a ‘heartache’ on her new track and realizes that there’s only one thing to do: leave it all on the dance floor, including her tears.

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“So far, I’m so good / at missing you, ” Essy sings on the chorus of her new song, “So Far,” and the rest of the electro-powered dance bop follows in these heartbroken footsteps.  In the song, premiering here on HollywoodLife, Essy finds herself pining for a lost love while driving down some lonely streets. only to end up going around in circles through her memories. “Turning left down a street / and then I see your face on a billboard space / red eyes, tears dried / I can’t forget what I can’t replace.” With the surging production, “So Far” is the perfect anthem for those who feel like they need to dance through their sorrows.

The song also shows the power of Essy’s songwriting – which is amazing considering how she wrote it early into her career. “ ‘So Far’ was one of the first demos I ever produced myself,” Essy tells HollywoodLife. “I rediscovered it during quarantine and decided to co-produce it alongside my friend Sam Martinez, who brought the track to a whole new light. It was my first time experimenting with arpeggios and synth soundscapes. I essentially downloaded Omnisphere and made the most of it.”

The singer-songwriter shares that “So Far” was written “during a time of healing,” which would explain the emotional turmoil in the lyrics. “There’s not much you can do when a heartache hits,” adds Essy, “so I used to take long drives through Nashville listening to Chris Martin and Robyn to kill time. And this song truly is an amalgamation of those two influences, something I wrote to cry and dance to.”

“So Far” continues to prove how 2021 is the year of Essy. She released her second EP, Cry For Me, in April, which contained the title track, “Dancing Around The Feeling,” “Stardust,” and six other songs. The Nashville-based artist (born Rachel Braig) continues her rise in the music world. After teaching herself how to play piano at age 11, she secured her spot in songwriting programs at Berklee College of Music and New York University’s Steinhardt School. After graduating early from the University of Virginia, she packed her bags and relocated to Music City to work as an in-demand songwriter. In 2019, she decided to step out into the spotlight on her own, releasing her first EP, Second Thoughts. A third EP is slated for the fall, so don’t think twice: be sure to put it on repeat when it hits streaming services.

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