‘Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed Admits Nate Goes In A Direction In Season 2 You’re Not ‘Expecting’

Nate the Great is going on a different journey! HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Nick Mohammed about Nate's taste of 'power' after his promotion, exploring Nate's 'home life,' and more in season 2.

Nick Mohammed
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Grab those biscuits because Ted Lasso is back! The beloved Emmy-nominated series returns for season 2 on July 23. When season 1 ended, Nate got a big promotion to assistant coach. Season 2 is a brand-new world for Nate, and HollywoodLife got the chance to speak EXCLUSIVELY with Nick Mohammed about what comes next for the one and only Nathan Shelley. Brace yourselves for the unexpected!

“We kind of pick up in season 2 pretty much where we left off at the end of season 1,” Nick told HollywoodLife. “Nate’s got this promotion. In season 2, he’s got this little bit of responsibility, a little bit of power. He’s got someone who’s technically beneath him. Nate’s never experienced that before. It’s just really interesting to see where he goes and what he then struggles with because, obviously, it’s still the same name, same characters with the same insecurities and demons that he had in season 1, but he’s at a slightly different point in his life. He’s been given a little bit of confidence through his interactions with Ted, and he absolutely goes on another journey again in season 2. It might not be what the audience is expecting. It’s very different from his season 1 journey but a really fun and challenging one. I’m kind of excited slash nervous for audiences to see how it all unfolds because I think in season 2 they’re just sort of peeling back layers on all the characters and adding even more depth to them. It’s an exciting new phase.”

Nick Mohammed
Nate with Ted and Beard in season 2. (Apple TV+)

Nick, who is now an Emmy nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, also revealed that Nate’s personal life will be explored in season 2. “I would say more so than not,” Nick said when asked about fans getting a glimpse into Nate’s life outside the Richmond headquarters. “There’s been quite a lot, particularly in the latter half of season 2. We do get to explore Nate’s home life, and I think there’s a lot of stripping back and seeing a lot more layers to the characters. I think with Nate, we get to meet his family and we get a little glimpse into why he is who he is.”

Ted Lasso season 2 will welcome a new cast member in Sarah Niles. She will be joining the Richmond crew as the team’s sports psychologist. Nick teased that Sharon will be helping out the team and its coaches on a personal level.

“Sharon comes in as a person to sort of fix things and to guide Ted as well,” Nick revealed to HollywoodLife. “He’s not without any sort of demons and his challenges with his personal life and so on. She kind of comes in as another force for good but just her being there in their presence…They need a sports psychologist as part of their outfit now, which sort of suggests that there are challenges for various characters, and they might need her counsel.”

Ted Lasso
Nate, Ted, and Beard in the season 1 finale. (Everett Collection)

Ted Lasso also stars Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein, Hannah Waddingham, Juno Temple, Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, and more. The season 2 premiere will debut on July 23 on Apple TV+. Additional episodes will be released weekly.

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