Coco & Ice-T Fans Are Amazed At How Much Their Daughter Chanel, 5, Looks Like Rapper Dad

Coco posted an adorable photo with her little girl, who bares a striking resemblance to her 'Law & Order' star dad.

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Ice-T, Coco, Chanel
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It’s very clear where Coco Austin, 42, and Ice-T‘s, 63, five-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole gets her genes from! Coco included her daughter in a Sunday July 18 Instagram post, showing off some shredded leggings, and fans quickly pointed out just how much the couple’s daughter looks like the “Colors” rapper, whose real name is Tracey Marrow.

In the photos, Coco looked stunning. She rocked the black, shredded leggings made by From My Hand To Yours on Etsy, and a sexy black tanktop. Most of the pictures were just her, but she held her little one close in the last photo. Chanel wore a black Nike t-shirt, sweatpants, and black sneakers. Chanele also had bright pink pigtails in her hair.

Ice-T and Coco brought Chanel to Fashion Week in 2017. (Shutterstock)

While the photo of Chanel smiling alongside her mom was sweet, fans immediately noticed just how similar she looked to Ice-T, with one fan saying she “looks more like Ice-T than Ice-T looks like Ice-T.” One person joked that the Law & Order star “had this lil girl himself,” and another wrote that his genes were “stronger than a club wristband.” Another person quipped that she could probably take on a part in her dad’s show. “Ice T daughter is gonna be auditioning for Law and Order Preschool,” the fan wrote on Twitter. Another person adorably called her a “small Ice-T.”

Other people were simply blown away by the uncanny similarities that Chanel shares with her dad. They felt like it was so similar that the rapper must have found a way to clone himself. Another fan remarked that it was almost like he had “copy and pasted” himself.

Resemblances aside, Coco and Ice-T clearly adore their young daughter, and they’ve both shown how much she means to them. Coco had Chanel with the Body Count vocalist in 2015. In April 2021, Ice-T said that the “silver-lining” of quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic was getting to spend so much time with Chanel. “I would have never been able to spend as much time with Chanel. And this year, I’ve gotten to be home more than ever. It’s great for all of us,” he told HollywoodLife. Coco has also shared cute pictures with Chanel, like in May when she shared a photo of the two in matching blush bathing suits. The mommy-daughter duo have matched and worn color-coordinated outfits together on plenty of occasions.