Meghan McCain Hopes Britney Spears Never Speaks To Her Family Again: ‘None Of Them Did Enough’

Meghan McCain didn't hold back, when she called out Britney Spears' family for the singer's conservatorship on 'The View.' Meghan hoped Britney 'gets to live the life that she wants.'

Meghan McCain, Britney Spears
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Meghan McCain36, fully supports the “Free Britney” movement. During a discussion on The View surrounding Britney Spears‘, 39, recent conservatorship hearings, Meghan came for the “Toxic” singer’s family, calling them “monsters” on Thursday July 15. She didn’t just single out Britney’s father Jamie Spears, who is her co-conservator, but she also called out her mom Lynne and sister Jamie-Lynn for not putting enough effort in to help Britney.

In a response to what she hopes happens for the popstar, Meghan explained the lengths she would go to if she were in Britney’s family member’s shoes. “I don’t care what her sister and her mother are saying. If this were happening to a family member of mine, I would’ve beaten a door down and done anything possible to remove them from that situation. None of them did enough,” she said.

Meghan voiced support for Britney on Thursday’s episode of ‘The View.’ (Shutterstock)

Despite Meghan’s answer directed at the family, Jamie-Lynn and Lynne have spoken out to show support for Britney. Days after Britney’s heart-wrenching testimony on June 23, where she spoke about the “abusive” conditions of her conservatorship, Jamie-Lynn posted an Instagram Story, where she said that she “supports” her sister. The Zoey 101 star also reportedly “wants the best” for Britney, a source close to the family told HollywoodLife. Lynne supported Britney’s efforts to hire her own lawyer in court documents.

Even though Britney’s mom and sister have reportedly stood behind Britney, Meghan hopes that the singer ends all contact with her family. “I hope she never speaks to any of them again. I hope she can find peace, and I hope that she can live the life that she should’ve been able to do,” she said.

Meghan continually reiterated that she hopes that Britney gets to live her life freely. The View host also spoke about how ridiculous she thinks that some of the conservatorships regulations on her are, including her being forced to have an IUD. “She can perform in Vegas shows. She can do endorsements. She can work her a** off, going on tour, in all ways possible, pay all of her family members, pay her legal bills and her family’s legal bills, but apparently is not emotionally competent enough to choose whether or not she can have an IUD inside her body and whether or not she’s allowed to have a baby or get married. Go to hell, everyone,” Meghan said.

The View co-hosts were discussing the major update in Britney’s conservatorship hearings on Wednesday July 14, when a judge ruled that she could hire her own lawyer, and she hired all-star attorney Mathew Rosengart to represent her. Meghan also implored Britney fans to respect the singer’s decision no matter what she decides to do, if she is freed from her conservatorship. “I’m a huge Britney fan as we all are. If she doesn’t want to perform after this, let’s give her the grace not to,” she said. “Let’s just give her whatever she wants, and I hope to God this comes to an end soon for her sake.”


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