Doja Cat Falls Onstage While Performing In White Mini Skirt & Crop Top — Video

Down goes Doja Cat. While performing in Miami to a packed crowd, the ‘Say So’ singer slipped on her stilettos and fell to the stage!

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“Somebody send me the video of me falling last night,” Doja Cat tweeted on July 11, a day after she celebrated the release of her Planet Her album by performing at Miami’s E11EVEN nightclub. Ask, and you will receive. One fan who was in the audience that night captured the fall in question. As Doja, 25, began performing her track “Tia Tamera” (“These hoes swear that they can’t stand me, but ain’t never pullin’ up”), she started to feel the track, perhaps a little too much. She began to bang her head and dance around in some fierce stilettos – and down she went! Doja fell right down on her backside.

Thankfully, she didn’t seem too hurt – and she recovered like a pro. Instead of feeling embarrassed or let the slip derail the vibe, Doja did a bit of improv and got back on her feet. Another angle of the fall made it look more frightening than it was (though, if any ballroom fans or RuPaul’s Drag Race stans probably thought she was doing a dip/”death drop.”) Some fans thought it was planned. “was it unintentional?” one asked in response to Doja’s tweet, while another said, “I took the video, and you CRUSHED it!!! Didn’t even notice til after. Thank you for an amazing night.”

No impromptu pratfalls will derail Doja Cat’s year. Her new album arrived to generally positive reviews – “Doja shines so brightly because of her voice. Her flow and singing are elastic, swift and often purposefully silly. She straddles multiple worlds at once,” reads Rolling Stone’s four-star review – and it currently stands at 77 on Metacritic. Her “Kiss Me More” collab with SZA reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the second single from the album, “You Right,” featuring The Weeknd, hit No. 11.


Ahead of “You Right’s release – which was dropped along with the new album – Doja gave fans a preview of the music video. In the teaser image, Doja rocked a silver, glittery outfit – a bralette-style top with an asymmetrical skirt – that looked like it was made out of pure silver. The Weeknd, having hung up his red After Hours blazer, sported a black suit and sunglasses. It was a good teaser for the video, which was a steamy affair that blended Greek mythology, astrology, and infidelity.

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