BSB’s Nick Carter Reveals Newborn Daughter Pearl’s Delivery Had Him ‘Calling Up On Prayers’

Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter revealed baby Pearl was 'hooked up to machines' due to a lack of oxygen in this EXCLUSIVE new interview.

Nick Carter, 41, and wife Lauren Kitt Carter, 38, are officially a family of five! The couple welcomed a second daughter, Pearl, in April 2021 — but the experience was vastly different than their other children’s deliveries.. “I was calling on prayers,” the singer told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on June 18. “I was vulnerable at that moment but thankfully everything has worked out,” Nick told HL.

The Backstreet Boy took to social media on April 22 to announce the birth of his daughter and asked fans for prayers as he announced his daughter was having minor complications that he didn’t understand at the time. “I’ve learned that it was a transient issue for distressed breathing and she had fluid in her lungs,” Nick revealed. “And we just had to stay at the hospital a little bit longer,” he explained.

Nick — who is also dad to Odin, 5, and daughter Saiorse, 1 — admits seeing newborn baby Pearl child on machines was a surreal experience. “When we came out of the delivery and they brought us back, we didn’t expect to see our child hooked up to a bunch of machines and wires and tubes in her throat and nose and the color of her skin,” Nick explained, noting that the reason was due to lack of oxygen. “We didn’t know what to expect… you have to come together and give it up to God and let it go because you’re really at the mercy of what this newborn human being is going to do. Are they going to make it through?”

The scary experience brought Nick and his wife of seven years like never before. “That’s what brings you together is moments where you are unsure,” Nick said. “It brings you as parents closer for sure.”

The Backstreet Boy celebrated pride alongside band member AJ McLean, 42, and NSYNC members Lance Bass, 43, and Joey Fatone, 44 to raise money for charity at Bingo Under the Stars benefitting Mission Tsuki and The Trevor Project. But with Father’s Day finally here and a holiday album with BSB on the way, his asks this year are simple. “I came to LA for a couple of days for the show and I just want to be home with the kids,” Nick said. “I have a newborn baby. She is two months old right now and that’s what being a father — I don’t need celebrations or cakes. All I care about is quality time with my kids and that’s what being a father is all about.”

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