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‘KUWTK’: Kim Retakes The Baby Bar While She & 4 Kids Battle COVID, Severe Symptoms

Despite testing positive for COVID just days before the baby bar exam, Kim Kardashian pushed through and continued her journey to become a lawyer.

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Kim Kardashian got some unfortunate news on the May 27 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians — she didn’t pass the baby bar exam. Understandably, Kim was discouraged by the news, and had to decide whether or not studying to become a lawyer was something she wanted to continue. However, she didn’t have much time, as the next baby bar exam was being offered in just a few weeks. If she didn’t take that one, she’d have to wait seven more months.

Kim struggled to come to a decision, and was adamant that she was waiting for a sign to tell her what the right move was. In the midst of it all, she took her 40th birthday trip to a private island with friends and family. It was on that trip that her then-husband, Kanye West, gave her a special gift — a hologram of her late father, Robert Kardashian.

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Kim Kardashian out and about in a black dress. (SplashNews)

The hologram came with a life-like message from Robert, who was also a lawyer. In the message, the hologram congratulated Kim on pursuing her dreams of becoming a lawyer. That was the sign Kim needed to push through and sign up to retake the baby bar.

Unfortunately, her plans were derailed when her son, Saint West, tested positive for COVID after contracting the virus in school. “He’s crying and coughing on me,” Kim said in a confessional. “I’m trying not to freak anyone out, but now I have to figure out what we’re going to do, especially with the other three kids. I’m supposed to be doing 12 hour study sessions with my tutor [for these two intense weeks], but taking care of my kids obviously comes first.”

After a few days, “Kim and the family tested positive for COVID,” the show revealed. Of course, this meant Kim had to quarantine and the show’s production shut down for two weeks. Kim also started experiencing some pretty intense symptoms while trying to keep studying for the baby bar. “I’ve just been feeling so sick and awful with COVID that I can hardly get out of bed and study,” Kim admitted. “I thought that [just] making this decision to stick with law school was going to be hard and to do this test, but I had no idea that I was going to get COVID. I’m feeling extremely achy, like so bad. The worst back pain. I have 104 fever. I don’t know how I’m going to do this.”

Three days before the test, Kim made the decision that, no matter how bad she felt, she was going to try to take the exam. “If I start the test and I feel like I can’t push through and I feel really sick, I’ll stop that,” she said. “My health obviously comes first, but if I waited, I would have to wait another six months and I really don’t want to do that. So I’m pretty clear on the decision that I want to take this test, and I’m just going to give it my best shot.”

kim kardsahian saint west
Kim Kardashian with her son, Saint West. (SplashNews)

Then, two days before the test, some of Kim’s symptoms began clearing up. Rather than pushing her to study, Kim’s tutor urged her to get some rest. “This level of exhaustion is different,” Kim admitted. “It’s something I’m just not used to. I keep falling asleep and I really don’t want to study.” Plus, on top of that, Kim had to take care of two sick kids (Saint and North West), as well.

When the day of the baby bar came, Kim powered through and took the test. Although she was experiencing some shortness of breath, she stayed calm and even had some confidence going into the exam. “That was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Kim revealed afterward. “If I don’t pass, I don’t care because I had COVID. If I pass, then it’s a f***ing miracle and I don’t know how I did that. I feel like I knew more this time on the test than last time on the test. But you get really cloudy and this COVID brain. It is what it is!”

The episode didn’t reveal whether or not Kim passed. However, on May 26, she gave fans an update while doing a Q&A on Instagram. Unfortunately, Kim failed this time around, too. “[It’s] extremely difficult,” she said. “Unfortunately I haven’t passed yet but I’m not giving up and I’m preparing to take it again soon.” The next test is offered in June.