Kara Connolly Craves ‘Something More’ In Her Magically Infused Music Video

With a pinch of wonder – and a healthy dash of 90’s alt-pop – singer Kara Connolly gets ‘introspective and imaginative’ in a song about going beyond what you thought possible with your life.

Like many who have been staring at the same four walls over the past year, Kara Connolly is ready to break through and go exploring at the start of “Something More,” the new video from the singer-songwriter who made a splash with her 2019 debut, Live In Rear View. In this new track, her first for 2021, Kara adopts a more ‘90s flare, delivering a track that would fit in between Paula Cole, Meredith Brooks, and Sheryl Crow on your favorite alternative radio station, back in the day.

“Hanging on the clock I’ve been busy chasing / Maybe time will stop if I can slowly break it,” sings Kara while laying on her bed, captured in the grips of boredom. With a dash of magic and a costume change, she takes a trip through a forest rife with wonder and promise. “Some kind of sweet connection, redirection,” she sings, driving that this song is less about geography and more about perspective. “I’d give it up if I knew more / Searching for meaning, riding on a feeling / But who the hell really knows for sure?”

Kara Connolly (Betsy Newman)

“This video was a labor of love in the middle of a pandemic,” Kara shares with HollywoodLife. “The idea initially stemmed from the fact that we were all stuck inside for so long. Thinking on what was possible during this crazy time, we decided that a solo video in an expansive forest was the way to go, not only in keeping with safety measures but also reflecting on the concept of the song itself.”

“The lyrics are pretty introspective and imaginative, so I wanted to take you into another world beyond these four walls, which could either be very literal as in the walls of your apartment or those of your own mind and thought patterns,” she adds. “Whether it’s interpreted as a dream, a psychedelic ‘trip,’ or some magical transportation to another dimension, I wanted to explore the classic concept that the ‘Something More’ I’ve been searching for was within me all along.”

(Betsy Newman)

“Something More” was co-written and produced by Dan Sadin, and the song indicates a different turn than her past releases. Kara began to build a buzz for herself in 2018 by releasing a handful of singles (“Life In Rear View,” “Nice Guy,” “Abuser,” “Swing, Swing”) before dropping her debut album the following year. 2020 may have paused the output, but a new year brought promise. This may be Kara’s first song of the year but likely won’t be the last – so keep an eye on her for when “something more” comes your way.

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