‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me’s Heather Hemmens: Stacy & Brian ‘Can’t Deny’ Their ‘Spark’

'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me' and 'Roswell' star Heather Hemmens spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about that kiss between Stacy and Brian, season 2 hopes, and directing her first 'Roswell' episode!

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me
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Heather Hemmens has been a busy woman lately. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! launched on Netflix in April 2021, and she’s been filming the third season of Roswell, New Mexico. Fans of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! noticed the undeniable chemistry between Heather’s character, Stacy, and Brian, played by Jamie Foxx. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Heather about that kiss in episode 5 and what she hopes for them if the show were to get a second season.

“I would love to see them explore their chemistry there,” Heather told HollywoodLife. “Their connection is very sweet. They both try to keep it really professional, but I think there’s a spark there that they can’t deny. I ship them hard. I’m all for that kind of figuring out and just recognizing the fact that they have someone special in their life. Love should not be denied.”

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me
Heather Hemmens with Jamie Foxx on ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.’ (Netflix)

Stacy went off to travel with her boyfriend, but her kiss with Brian in the kitchen proved that there’s definitely something more between them. Heather would love to see Stacy come back into the fold. “I think that just her return creates a lot of spark,” she continued. “I think Brian would be happy that she came back. I think she will have learned a lot about maybe what she wants from being away, and maybe Brian learns a lot from her absence as well just by missing her and thinking about maybe stepping up a little bit when she returns. So that would be ideally for me where it would go, but who knows. Maybe she comes back just as an employee and gets her job back and nothing is said about the kiss that they had.”

Heather was excited to take a crack at comedy after more dramatic roles. “It just makes for a better day at work when everybody’s laughing,” she admitted. “I find that it affects my mood as well, where I can just be free and having fun as opposed to running through a cornfield being chased by an ax murderer. That’s a throwback to season 2 of Roswell, but people will know what I’m talking about if they’ve seen the show. It’s just a really, really fun day at work when you’re doing a comedy, and it was a dream come true.”

Heather Hemmens
Heather Hemmens also stars as Maria on ‘Roswell, New Mexico.’ (The CW)

Roswell, New Mexico will return for a third season on July 26, 2021. Heather will be back as Maria, and she’ll also be directing an episode this season. “I have been wanting to get behind the camera for years now,” Heather revealed. “I started directing short films about 11 years ago, and I’ve been shadowing all the directors that we’ve had on Roswell. I have been working very hard for this moment, so it was epic. I enjoyed every second of it, and I learned a lot. They gave me an amazing script to work with, so I just tried to knock it out of the park. I feel like the crew and all the producers were so supportive and teed me up to win. I was chomping at the bit. I had a lot of energy for it. I worked day and night to make sure that my vision was executed, and I’m really, really excited for everyone to see it because I think it came out great.”

As for what Heather could tease about season 3, she revealed that Maria is “going to get a new love interest. I think Maria really starts to get confident with some of her powers this season. We see her make a commitment to exploring that side of herself, and Maria starts to have a little bit more fun and worry a little less.”

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