Kelly Ripa’s Trainer Isaac Boots Reveals How To Get In Bikini Body Shape: It Takes Discipline & Love

Is your goal a bikini body for summer? Renowned celeb trainer, beloved by Kelly Ripa & Lisa Rinna, Isaac Boots, gave his advice to achieve your weight loss goals & an EXCL TORCH'D workout!

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Isaac Boots (real name Isaac Calpito) developed his hard-core yet so fun training method, TORCH’D, while dancing on Broadway in West Side Story. In quarantine, the star used his social media platform to offer his TORCH’D program for free to his following, which quickly grew because of his unstoppable energy and the fact that his method truly works. “We spent so much time at the theatre I didn’t have time to go to the gym and I needed a workout that helped me get through the grueling performance schedule every week but also keep me in shape,” he said of developing the program. “If you look at some of my Hollywood clients like Kelly Ripa, Lisa Rinna, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts and even Faye Dunaway, you see the results.” He isn’t wrong there — have you seen Kelly’s abs?!

TORCH’D is a 45-60 minute flow workout that moves through various levels and positions, targeting the entire body. “Sometimes I focus on specific body parts to determine the order but generally I start with a plié series in second position that acts as a warm up and connection to the core. After, we move into a plank series on the hands and then on the elbows,” Isaac explained. “From there we move into a leg and butt series which starts on all-fours and then moves to the side of your hip. Sometimes I will break up the left and right legs with a lightweight arm series. To take it home we finish with an ab series and then the cool down.”

Of course, as we transition into #HotGirlSummer, so many people have goals to be “bikini body ready” or to “lose a few pounds,” and Isaac offered some great advice on achieving those weight loss goals. “I think it’s a combination of discipline mixed with love. It’s important to make sure you’re just putting the work in and showing up everyday, but also to listen to your body when it needs something,” he explained. “Mine generally needs a weekly visit to Pastis for Brunch. I drink lots of water, eat for vibrancy, and love dandelion tea.” Self-love, baby!

In addition to his TORCH’D live streams on IG, Isaac has also teamed up with Talkshoplive®, the leading live streaming, social selling online network, to bring his fans “TORCH’D Shop Live.” The bi-monthly series gives Isaac a platform to curate and showcase “Isaac’s Favorite Things” from the categories of fashion, accessories, fitness, health & wellness, grooming/personal care, food & beverage, jewelry, eyewear and footwear. “I’m so excited to have my TORCH’D Shop Live Channel on the 1st and 15th of every month. I love connecting with people and sharing some of my favorite things like skin-care products by MZ Skin, sleep-ware by Fred Segal, and even my own TORCH’D merch,” he told HL. “I definitely have some great products coming up for spring and summer, so follow my channel on TalkShopLive and @isaacboots on instagram to learn more.”

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, May 15th, and every 1st and 15th of the month at 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT for TORCH’D Shop Live, and follow @isaacboots on Instagram for his daily LIVE IG workouts!

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