‘Mama June’ Recap: Pumpkin Reveals Shocking News After June Lies About Facing Jail Time

'WTF' is what Josh said after Pumpkin dropped some surprising news on his lap during the May 7 episode of 'Mama June'.

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It’s official! Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon is pregnant with her and Josh’s second child. She revealed the surprising news during the May 7 episode of Mama June: Road To Redemption after taking a pregnancy test at a local pharmacy.

Pumpkin first started showing signs of being pregnant when she scarfed down some of Doe Doe‘s cookies, followed by a handful of Pixy Stix. Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Shannon also noticed that she had a recent craving for ice cream, and she ran to the bathroom to vomit while on a video call with Mama June.

So without telling anyone what she was doing, Pumpkin ran out to a local pharmacy during the final few minutes of this week’s episode and took a pregnancy test. Then, she went home and shared the results with her husband, telling him that he needs to find another job as soon as possible because they’re about to welcome another baby into the family. All he said was “WTF” before the episode ended.

Earlier in the hour, Josh scooped Alana up from Mama June’s after he learned Pumpkin left here there unattended (Don’t go there, Kath! OK, sorry — you have to be a RHONJ fan to know that joke). Anyway, while Mama June was initially mad about Josh interrupting and ruining her time with Alana, her therapist later told her that she shouldn’t have gone behind Pumpkin and Josh’s backs to try and lure Alana to go live with her.

The therapist also told June to be honest with her daughters about possibly facing jail time. So she scheduled a video call with them — the same one that Pumpkin ran out of when she felt the need to vomit. Anyway, during the call, Mama June told Pumpkin and Alana that she may go to prison for a few years, and since she didn’t like her last lawyer, she’s going to defend herself in court. They thought that was a silly idea, but Mama June felt confident about her decision.

In the meantime, due to Mama June’s potential jail sentence, Alana will continue living with Pumpkin and Josh. We just don’t know how she’s going to react when she learns a new baby is coming.

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