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Niecy Nash Reveals How Her Kids Feel About Wife Jessica Betts 1 Yr. After Tying The Knot

It's been almost a year since Niecy Nash married Jessica Betts, and the comedian's adult kids already 'love' their new step parent!

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Niecy Nash had no idea that wife Jessica Betts and her kids would get along as well as they have after the newlyweds tied the knot in Aug. 2020. And although it’s only been nine months since the Emmy Award-nominated star and the singer/songwriter made things official during a surprise wedding, Niecy’s three adult children —  Dominic, Donielle, and Dia — already “love” their new step parent.

“Yeah, I mean, I did not know it was going to go this well, but they really, really like her,” Niecy told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about the relationship between her wife and kids. “We’ve all traveled on vacation together and they just think that she’s the coolest thing.”

The Masked Singer host said her children get along with Jessica “amazing” and added, “Matter of fact, my youngest has a date to come over. They’re going to record music later today. She’s not coming to see me. They love her.”

The lovebirds first connected in 2015 through social media and eventually met in person three years later when Jessica guest starred as a bartender on the set of Niecy’s TNT series Claws. The comedian walked down the aisle with the Chicago native on Aug. 29, 2020 and nearly broke the internet with a bevy of stunning photos from their special day.

When Niecy isn’t flooding social media with loving snapshots of her adoring spouse or working on her next project including her upcoming hosting gig on Don’t Forget the Lyrics!, the multi-talented star is promoting her latest venture. Charmin has partnered with Niecy to help launch BRB Bot, a digital AI-powered “doppelgänger” that swaps your live video feed via Zoom and other similar platforms, so you can go enjoy the go without anyone knowing you stepped away!

“You can step off and go to the bathroom and come back without missing a beat. You stay right in lockstep with your meetings,” Niecy told HollywoodLife. She also explained why this technology — which is still in beta testing — is so useful given the world we’re living in today with more people working at home. “These Zoom calls and FaceTime meetings are our new normal right now. And depending on what you do for a living, you could be on the computer for hours without being able to take a real break. So I think it’s necessary.”