Cassie Randolph Appears Unfazed On Vacation After Ex Colton Underwood Comes Out As Gay

Cassie Randolph has put ex Colton Underwood's coming out as gay at the back of her thoughts, as she's on a gorgeous family vacation in Mexico.

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Cassie Randolph is having a “beautiful life,” spending time with loved ones on a family vacation and escaping all of the news about her ex, former Bachelor Colton Underwood, coming out as gay. The 25-year-old speech therapist has headed south of the border with her siblings, as they’re staying at the seaside Private Paradise Villas in Cozumel, Mexico. Cassie posted an Instagram stories video on Apr. 15 of her brother, 20-year-old surfer Landon Randolph, holding a cup of coffee as she followed him down an open air staircase, then along a patio that led straight to a private dock along the Gulf of Mexico.

Cassie, 25, next showed Landon and her look-alike actress sister Michelle Randolph, 23, on the dock in their swimwear, ready to hit the water. A cabana covered with a thatched frond roof was visible, as the former reality star continued her POV video all the way down some metal steps and into the water, turning her camera around to show the view of the other resort villas. In both posts, the song “Beautiful Life” by Pink Sweat$ played over the videos. In a photo, Cassie could be seen hugging her sister at sunset.

In another video, the siblings could be seen going for a swim at sunset, courtesy of Michelle’s IG account.

It’s great that Cassie is having fun in the sun with her brother and sister in Mexico, because back in the U.S. things sure took a dramatic turn with Colton. She was his final choice in season 23 of The Bachelor, though Cassie wasn’t ready for marriage and Colton was a loud and proud virgin. The pair ended up dating for a year before breaking up in May 2020. It was followed by what Cassie claimed was a summer of stalking and harassment by the 29-year-old former football player. She was granted a restraining order against him in Sept. 2020, even providing evidence that Colton allegedly put a tracker on her car.

The former reality star came out as gay in an Apr. 14 interview on ABC’s Good Morning America with host Robin Roberts. While Colton discussed the positive aspects of finally having the weight off of his shoulders, after “coming to terms” with his sexuality earlier in 2021, he admitted in an extended segment on ABC’s Nightllne that he really did love Cassie and feels awful for how things ended between them.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood
Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood seen in happier times in 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Colton said that because he loved Cassie, “It only made it harder and more confusing to me. I would just say that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I just wish that I would have been courageous enough to fix myself before I broke anybody else.” He admitted to Robin, “I don’t know if I ever will get the chance to sit down and talk with her. I would like to. I would like to say sorry for how things ended.”

Colton told Robin about the period of his life following his May 2020 split from Cassie, “I messed up. I made a lot of bad choices. I made mistakes at the end of that relationship, and I ruined the good memories we had by my actions and what I did to hold on to being straight because I didn’t want to look myself in the mirror,” he admitted. “So for that, I’m extremely, extremely sorry.” So far Cassie has not responded publicly to Colton’s coming out.