Madonna Claps Back At Real-Life ‘Karen’ Slamming Her Call For Gun Control After Daunte Wright’s Death

Madonna had the best response for an Instagram user literally named 'Karen.' The online critic tried to insist that the pop star supposedly employs people with guns despite advocating for gun control.

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Madonna couldn’t get pass the irony of someone actually named “Karen” trying to call out the pop star for advocating for gun control. Karen is a term usually reserved for people being entitled, racist, prejudice, or upholding archaic ideals. The “Karen” in this scenario tried to insist that people do need guns, after Madonna pointed out that U.S. has seen “over 130 mass shootings” in 2021 — only four months into the year — in an Instagram post shared on April 12. Madonna shared the message in the wake of Daunte Wright‘s death, a 20-year-old Black man whom police officer Kim Potter fatally shot after he was pulled over for a traffic violation in Minneapolis on April 11.

“I would bet you have people with guns to protect you and your family,” the critic wrote underneath Madonna’s  Instagram post, adding, “But the little people can be left unarmed. If you take the guns away criminals will ALWAYS find weapons.”
Madonna quickly shut down the critic’s assumptions. “B–ch I don’t have any security or armed guards around me. Come see me and tell me to my face how not real my world is. I dare you. You know nothing about me or my life. The only criminals I see right now are the police who are paid to protect the people,” Madonna snapped back in her Instagram comments section. And then, she essentially broke Twitter with this final clapback: “Of course your name is Karen.”
Madonna karen
Madonna responds to an Instagram user with the name “Karen” in their username. [Instagram/@madonna]
Madonna spoke out again on Instagram the following day. She shared a clip of Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon offering his “deepest sympathies” to Daunte’s family at a press conference; however, it has been reported that the police chief called the shooting the result of an “accidental discharge” and believed “that the officer had the intention to employ their taser, but instead shot Mr. Wright with a single bullet.” He also played the graphic body camera footage from the shooting, which showed the officer grabbing and firing her gun.
Madonna, Daunte Wright
A group of people protest the shooting of Daunte Wright in Lower Manhattan, New York City on April 12, 2021. [Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock]

Madonna called for the police to take accountability. “This video of Daunte Wright’s shooting is deeply upsetting but equally so is Police Officer Tim Gannon’s explanation of how it was all an accident. The shooting officer had a taser in one hand and a hand gun in the other. She warned everyone she was going to taser a handcuffed. Daunte who was pulled over for a traffic violation and instead she shot and killed him! No way to fix this accident is there Tim??!! This is so infuriating and unacceptable. God Bless Daunte and his family,” the “Material Girl” singer wrote.

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