‘Sister Wives’ Preview: Christine Admits Truely, 10, Has Been ‘Super Lonely’ Amid The Pandemic

In this EXCLUSIVE 'Sister Wives' preview, Truely is 'frustrated' and 'lonely' because she can't play with some of her siblings.

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Aurora’s turning 18, Breanna’s turning 16, Hunter’s graduating from the Air Force Academy for crying out loud. It’s all being interrupted by this COVID. Like, we can’t do the normal things. And these are big, big milestones,” Janelle Brown says in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the March 28 episode of Sister Wives.

When Christine’s family visits Robyn’s family for Aurora’s 18th birthday, that’s when reality settles in. Christine’s daughter, Truely, asks if she can play with Ariella and Solomon. Christine is forced to tell Truely that she can’t even play with her siblings because it’s not safe.

Sister Wives
Truely is heartbroken that she can’t play with her siblings. (TLC)

“There’s a part of me that’s like there would be some major benefits of living in one home right now during this pandemic,” Robyn says. “We would just be hunkering down together and being careful together. And we’d have to come to an agreement about how to do it 100 percent.” While Kody and Robyn have entertained this idea, Christine can’t even imagine it. “I don’t want to imagine it,” she says.

While visiting Aurora, Ariella brings out a stuffed animal that Truely left the last time she was there. Ariella holds it out for Truely to take, but Truely stays socially-distanced. “She’s lonely. She’s super, super lonely,” Christine admits.

Sister Wives
Kody with Janelle, Robyn, Christine, and Meri. (TLC)

Ariella eventually tosses the stuffed animal to Truely for her to take home. Truely asks again if she can play with Ariella and Solomon. “Not yet, sweetheart. The only person who is traveling from house to house is me,” Kody Brown tells his daughter.

Truely is understandably frustrated. The whole COVID situation is difficult for a young girl like Truely to understand. “We’re just trying to be careful with each other,” Robyn tells Truely. “Actually, being apart from each other right now is the best way to love each other, to make sure we’re not giving it to each other if any of us have it.” Sister Wives season 10 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.