Leslie Jones Talks Returning To ‘SNL’, Her March Madness Picks, & Her Love For Steve Kornacki

'SNL' alum Leslie Jones chatted about her many plans -- including a partnership for March Madness -- and whether or not Steve Kornacki is her 'one true love.'

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Leslie Jones
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Leslie Jones has a much different project in mind nearly two years after leaving Saturday Night Live. When asked if she’s considering returning to the late-night comedy show on which she earned two Emmy nominations — or do “more movies” — the Ghostbusters star wanted to try out something new. “I want to do an action film. I want to do something where I am beating someone up!,” the 53-year-old comedian said while laughing during an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife thanks to her collaboration with Uber Eats.
Leslie Jones, Chadwick Boseman
Leslie Jones is pictured here in a Saturday Night Live skit with the late Chadwick Boseman that aired in April of 2018. [Shutterstock]
Perhaps Keanu Reeves should consider a new co-star, because Leslie could envision herself in a genre similar to the actor’s famous action thriller series. “If I could do a John Wick type movie — Oh dude! But you know what, no one would take it seriously… People would be laughing the whole movie because I know my face…I know I would be making all these kind of faces and people would be laughing,” Leslie said. So, she had a proposal: “Or maybe it could be a John Wick type of comedy movie.”

While Leslie could picture herself in combat for an action movie — or a hybrid action-comedy flick — her post-pandemic plans also include getting in front of a live crowd again. “I can’t wait to get back on stage and do some more standup,” she told HollywoodLife. “I have so many jokes and material and stuff that I need to get out there, and feelings, and everything else. I am also thinking about starting a podcast. I am ready. I am ready to get out there and rumble with the people.”

Leslie Jones Supermarket Sweep
After hosting SNL, Leslie Jones went on to host Supermarket Sweep. [Shutterstock]
Before Leslie can get on a stage again, she is keeping herself occupied with other exciting projects. Since her exit from SNL in Sept. 2019, Leslie has gone on to host the Supermarket Sweep game show reboot in 2020 and starred in Eddie Murphy‘s movie Coming 2 America that Amazon Prime Video released on March 5, 2021.

Leslie is even getting involved with March Madness. The Masterminds star teamed up with Uber Eats to give sports fans an even more enjoyable experience of cheering on their favorite teams throughout the NBA’s 2021 NCAA Tournament, which kicked off on March 18. This means BOGO deals on Uber Eats meals throughout the entirety of March Madness! Given this partnership, we of course had to ask Leslie who she thinks is going to win the spring tournament.

Leslie didn’t actually have a particular team in mind. “I think it is going to be wide open, because I think — didn’t Duke have to drop out because of COVID?,” she asked. After we confirmed that Duke is not in the March Madness bracket this year, Leslie said, “That is so funny because that was actually my pick and then when I heard I was like, ‘Damn’. Because you know what, Duke wins it all the time! Duke or North Carolina! And then you know, it is so funny I go to my old staple, that is Villanova. [Laughs] You know what, I am trying…”

We also couldn’t resist asking Leslie about her one true love, political correspondent Steve Kornacki. The journalist worked as MSNBC’s election analyst during the 2020 presidential election and the Georgia election in Jan. 2021, and Leslie made her “love” for Steve known on Twitter. But now that all these elections are over, Leslie made it clear that Steve’s not the only man she holds dear in her heart.

“Well…I mean. One true love is such a heavy statement,” Leslie said, laughing. She then clarified, “I have so many one true loves! I mean there is Kyle, there’s Colin. There is The Rock, there is Denzel Washington! There is Will Smith. I have so many one true loves!” With such an impressive list, Leslie teased that Steve “might be on the bottom tier” now.