Leslie Jones Fangirls Over Steve Kornacki’s Coverage Of Georgia Election: ‘MY LOVE STEVE IS BACK’

Leslie Jones was Steve Kornacki's lead cheerleader as fans flocked to Twitter to gush over the MSNBC election analyst's coverage of the Georgia runoff election results.

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Leslie Jones, Steve Kornacki
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Image Credit: AP/NBC

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, 41, returned to the Big Board during the Georgia runoff election results on Tuesday night and his coverage soon got the attention of several Twitter users, including one of his biggest fans, Leslie Jones! The 53-year-old actress, who first gushed over the political journalist during his live nonstop coverage during the 2020 presidential election results in Nov., was at it again when she posted numerous hilarious tweets that proved her love for him hasn’t wavered. “YASSSSSSSSSS MY LOVE STEVE IS BACK!!! #KornackiThirstcontinues,” her first tweet about Steve read, which also included a video of her TV showing his coverage.

Leslie’s second tweet about Steve, which was included among many other tweets about the election results, continued to show enthusiasm. “Let go Steve!!! #KornackiThirstcontinues,” she wrote before sharing a third Steve-related tweet that also revealed her fear about the results. “I’m scared but Steve is here so I’m good!!” it read.

A fourth Steve-related tweet read, “Hey I have a question Steve!!!”, and a fifth revealed the “fun” she was having watching him in action. “So fun to watch!! Go Steve. #KornackiThirstcontinues,” she enthused.

Leslie’s tweets weren’t the only ones being shared about Steve. The former Saturday Night Live star was joined by a plethora of Twitter users who were also excited to see Steve returning to the small screen to show off his incredible work ethic and report on the two crucial races that will determine the U.S. Senate.

“happy steve kornacki day to all who celebrate,” one user cheekily wrote before the results started coming in. “@SteveKornacki is a national treasure,” another wrote while a third admitted Leslie’s love of Steve inspired their own. “Steve Kornacki got better looking since I started seeing him thru @Lesdogggs eyes,” the tweet read.
MSNBC’s own Rachel Maddow also shared a tweet about Steve. “It would be impossible for me to overstate how fun it is to watch Steve Kornacki work on nights like this — Steve receiving live election results in his earpiece while pounding away on his desk computer is like watching a slow happy lightning strike,” she wrote.
The obsession with Steve, who has worked at MSNBC since 2013, first started two months ago, when he wowed viewers with his dedication to staying in front of the camera as America waited for a winner of the 2020 presidential election. Before the first night began, he tweeted that he was “heading up to the studio and not leaving until we’ve got a result”, and he wasn’t kidding. The hardworking journalist was even forced to take a nap on Nov. 4 after the result still wasn’t determined.
Leslie Jones, Steve Kornacki
Leslie Jones first tweeted about Steve Kornacki during the 2020 presidential election result. (AP/NBC)
“We have removed him forcibly from the building… He’s in a room with pillow, blankets, and warm milk,” MSNBC’s Ali Velshi joked.
He was right back at it with the coverage on Nov. 5, and continued to impress Leslie and other stars like Chrissy Teigen. “I honestly dunno how steve is still going im bout to die,” Chrissy hilariously tweeted along with a photo of herself holding her eyes open on election night.