Hey Violet Translates A Year Of ‘Anger & Frustration’ Into Delightful ‘Friends Like This’

After 365 days of isolation, Hey Violet searches for a ‘human connection’ on their new song, a track about the 'loneliness’ of the past year.

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Boredom can wear a person down, and after a year of living the same day over-and-over again, Hey Violet has had enough. The pop rock trio – Rena Lovelis, Nia Lovelis, and Casey Moreta – has composed “Friends Like This,” an enchanting pop song about the doldrums of isolation, of being a million miles away from anything new or interesting. “Might bleach my hair / might shave it off / might call my ex / or even his mom,” lead vocalist Rena muses. “How am I supposed to make friends like this / when we only connect like this / How am I supposed to have fun like this? / at a party of one like this,” she sings in the chorus. With a ghostly production and clever lyrics, “Friends Like This” is the party-of-one anthem for all those celebrating one-year of doing nothing.

” ‘Friends Like This’ is obviously quarantine-inspired, but the song encapsulates more than just the requirement of self-isolation we’ve all had to endure,” Hey Violet’s Rena tells HollywoodLife. “It’s been such a frustrating past year, so we took that feeling of anger and frustration and translated it into the lyrics of ‘Friends Like This.’ What we found most soothing is that, sonically, the sound and mood of the song doesn’t take on the same emotion that the lyrics do. “Friends Like This” is a really fun and bouncy pop song that acted as our relief from all of the pent-up loneliness and lack of human connection we’re all experiencing.”

Hey Violet at the ‘To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You’ film premiere in 2020 (Shutterstock)

Hey Violet will be connecting with their fans in a major way in 2021. While the past year was relatively quiet for the group – to be honest, 2020 was quiet for 95% of the music world – ’21 will see Hey Violet roar back into the spotlight with a trio of EPs. Afterward, the trilogy will come together and form a new LP – the first since 2017’s From The Outside and their first album since going independent. It’s a daunting but exciting new chapter for a band that has been making waves since its formation in the late 2000s.

Hey Violet, gazing into the glamour of their future (Diana Mantis)

“Each EP represents something different to us,” Nia explains in a press release. “The first EP is about loss, the second is about falling to your vices, and the third EP is about growing from your mistakes. It follows Rena’s journey through the last few years.” The first EP comes out on April 30, so best to make “friends” with the group’s social media pages for further updates.

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