‘Floribama Shore’: Gus Admits Tension With Jeremiah Was At An ‘All-Time High’ When Season 4 Began

In this EXCLUSIVE interview, 'Floribama Shore' stars, Gus and Jeremiah, open up about their feud and where they stood with each other coming into filming season 4.

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Even though Jeremiah Buoni and Gus Smyrnios ended season three of Floribama Shore with a civil conversation, their issues were far from over. “[We came into season four] with more tension than there’s ever been,” Gus told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s at an all-time high.” Before 2019, Jeremiah and Gus were so close, that Gus even moved to Arizona to live with Jeremiah and his brothers. Their falling out began during the show’s third season, and got worse when filming ended.

“The whole conversation that me and Jeremiah had when we were leaving [season three] — all of that was a facade, completely,” Gus explained. “I was blindsided when we wrapped filming last year and I flew back to Arizona. There was talk that they were going to kick me out because Jeremiah wasn’t cool with me living there after all the altercations. But [his brother] told me, ‘You and Jeremiah may have these issues, but just know we still look at you as family, we’re not just going to throw you out on the street.’ And I kind of trusted that. I did plan on moving out, but I wanted to plan and figure out what my next step was first. But the same day I flew back, somebody had already moved into the room I was still paying rent on and they packed all my stuff in boxes. I had to pack everything up and drive back from Arizona the same day I got back from filming. They didn’t give me the respect of giving me time to figure it out.”

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Gus Smyrnios stops by HollywoodLife for a portrait session. (Paige Kindlick)

Jeremiah agreed that things were tense with Gus when he came into the house for season four. “I feel like the stuff that happened, that’s sort of crossing a line,” Jeremiah admitted. “Coming into the house, I felt like he crossed that line. He was kind of my enemy, I thought, to be honest.”

However, Jeremiah said he wanted to try and get past the drama for his roommates’ sake. “It wasn’t just me and him living in the house,” Jeremiah explained. “It was me and my five other roommates, and with everything Nilsa [Prowant] had just gone through with losing her father, I didn’t want to bring that into the house. I wanted it to be a fun time in Montana. I wasn’t going to let any animosity I felt towards Gus ruin our good times. I was optimistic [we’d make up], but at the same time, you have to show me you want it, too. Actions speak louder than words. I figured if me and Gus just stay in our own lane, we’ll be just fine, and everyone will have a great time.”

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Jeremiah Buoni in a HollywoodLife photo shoot. (Paige Kindlick)

Meanwhile, some of the other roommates admittedly did feel caught in between the drama. “I was trying to get them to make amends,” Kirk Medas said. “I wanted the group back together. It kind of sucks for me and Codi [Butts] because we’re cooler with Gus, but we also don’t have a bad thing with Jeremiah. It put us in a weird situation – obviously we’ll have Gus’s back, but we don’t want to ostracize Jeremiah.”

Codi added, “We had to teeter totter. Its tough. Nine times out of ten, were going to take Gus’s side. He had all his s*** packed up and had to drive across the country — that shouldn’t happen. Whether you got into it or not, you should still be adults about the situation and say, ‘I’m not comfortable with you living here, but you moved halfway across the country, so I’ll give you the benefit and time to figure out where you’re going to go.'”

Candace Rice said that she “didn’t really care” where Jeremiah and Gus stood, but was adamant that everyone in the house have a good time with the drama kept to a minimum. “I figured, if they weren’t going to be friends, I didn’t want to force them to be friends, but I wanted them to be civil adults,” she revealed. “We have a woman in the house dealing with the death of her father and is also pregnant. I just wanted it to be all chill for that environment.”

The first episode of Floribama Shore season 4 ended with Jeremiah arriving at the house — and, yes, it was a bit awkward. We’ll have to see how things play out between these two when the show continues on March 4 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV

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