Donald & Melania Trump Face Backlash For Getting COVID Vaccine After Claiming Virus ‘Isn’t That Bad’

After downplaying the COVID-19 pandemic -- even after he caught the disease -- Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, secretly got immunized, a move that has left voters outraged at his ‘hypocrisy.’

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The twice-impeached, one-term former president Donald Trump and his wife, ex-First Lady Melania Trump, were given a COVID-19 vaccine in January before they left the White House, multiple outlets reported on Monday (Mar. 1.) A Trump adviser shared the information one day after Trump, 74, spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference and said, “Everyone should go get your shot” (according to The New York Times.) The news that Melania, 50, and Donald were inoculated after his long history of downplaying the virus – and months after they both contracted the disease – did not sit well with some voters.

“Trump & wife got vaxxed (at least once) before leaving White House – yet he told no one – did not want to ruin that  ‘tough guy’ image.  Screw civic duty and convincing others to take it. He plays his cult for the fools they are,” one person tweeted. Another added, “Getting the vaccine didn’t fit in with Trump’s ‘tough guy’ image and with the myth that COVID-19 was a hoax- so Donald and Melania Trump were vaccinated in secret at the White House before they left. Because he really is that big of an a–hole,” added another. “Trump hides getting vaccinated so his followers don’t discover his hypocrisy and lies about COVID-19.”

It’s been nearly a year since Trump infamously said, “We’re prepared [for COVID-19], and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away. Everybody has to be vigilant and has to be careful. But be calm. It’s really working out. And a lot of good things are going to happen.” The words may come to define Trump’s legacy. Twelve months after that statement, the Center for Disease Control reports that the United States has seen over 28.4 million cases. 511,000+ people have died from the virus.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump were vaccinated against COVID-19 in January 2021, before leaving the White House (Shutterstock)

It may be hard to summarize up all the ways Donald Trump has misled, lied about, and downplayed the COVID-19 pandemic, but The Atlantic published an exhaustive list in November 2020. Perhaps the most damning remark came after Donald tested positive for COVID-19 and spent four days hospitalized at Walter Reed. “Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!” he tweeted on Oct. 5. The phrase “don’t be afraid of COVID” drew the ire from many, especially those who lost loved ones to the disease.