Donald Trump Faces Major Backlash On Twitter After He Refers To COVID-19 As A ‘Chinese Virus’

President Donald Trump called the highly contagious coronavirus the 'Chinese Virus' when tweeting about the U.S. supporting industries, and followers accused him of turning to 'racism' in a time of crisis.

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President Donald Trump, 73, was under fire once again when he tweeted about protecting the American industry from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the official name for the coronavirus that’s infected close to 183,000 people worldwide, including 4,663 Americans, and labeled it “the Chinese Virus.” “The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before!” his tweet read.

Trump’s label of the virus, which has been confirmed to be a pandemic by the World Health Organization, seemed to be referring to the fact that it started in Wuhan, China, in Dec. 2019. However, it has now spread to various other countries worldwide and after many followers were angered by the Commander-in Chief’s words, they quickly responded with comments accusing him of being “insensitive” and hooked on “racism”.

“yes, the origin of the virus is china but trump calling it that adds to the discrimination of asians around the world. it’s racially insensitive,” @trraasshhhh responded. “china has also made racially insensitive comments but that doesn’t make trump calling it ‘the chinese virus’ any better.” Another follower suggested he call the virus by its proper name and not use an “ethnic” term to describe it. “racist, pathetic, inconsiderate of Chinese people include [sic] Chinese americans. Trump,you may go after Chinese government as much as you want,but don’t use ethnic term to call a virus. It has a name coronavirus or covid 19 virus,” @austin20096 tweeted.

“Viruses don’t have nationalities,” @matchu_chutrain responded.”Chinese Virus??? Just when you think Trump can’t go any lower, he always finds a way,” @AngelaBelcamino also responded while some Trump supporters agreed that it should be called “Chinese” because it originated in the country. 

Trump’s remarks and the negative response he received comes just days after the coronavirus, which has already killed close to 7,200 people worldwide, including 86 Americans, caused many U.S. cities to temporarily close down places that attract large groups of people such as bars, dine-in restaurants, and movie theaters in an attempt to stop the spreading. Trump also banned all travel from Europe to the U.S. for 30 days, which went into effect on Mar. 16.