‘The Masked Dancer’ Finale Preview: Paula Abdul Throws Shade A Ken Jeong — Watch

'The Masked Dancer' will unmask the final three celebrities during the Feb. 17 grand finale. HL has an EXCLUSIVE preview of Paula Abdul and the other panelists trying to decipher the Tulip's clues.

It’s all down to Tulip, Cotton Candy, and Sloth on The Masked Dancer. After the Tulip’s finale performance in this EXCLUSIVE preview, she gives the panelists one last clue: “followers.” Paula Abdul says that makes sense because there have been a number of social media clues from the Tulip.

Paula’s biggest clue that she’s picked up on is the makeup on the line. She thinks Tulip has a makeup line. Meanwhile, Ken Jeong thinks the barrel of ale is a “dead giveaway” that Tulip is Lucy Hale.

Ken Jeong
Ken Jeong on ‘The Masked Dancer.’ (FOX)

“Ken is so good at this game. It’s really astounding,” Brian Austin Green says. Paula quips, “Then why doesn’t he get most of them right?” That burn was sick! Ken claps back in his usual Ken way — with a joke.

In a previous episode, Paula noted that she thinks Tulip is a “trained dancer.” The Tulip performed with “so much emotion” that Paula believes she could even be an actress. In her first clue package, Tulip revealed that she was “teased all the time” growing up and her “confidence tumbled.”She ended up moving to a new place “where people were chill with the stranger things about me.”

The Tulip is one of the finalists. (FOX)

The Masked Dancer will end its first season with a 2-hour finale event. The first hour will take fans on a journey through the very first season of The Masked Dancer. The episode will relive some of the most talked-about moments, the best performances, and new clues will be revealed. Then, the final three dancers take the stage and only one will take home the Diamond Mask Trophy in the season 1 finale.

The Masked Dancer started out with Zebra, Moth, Ice Cube, Hammerhead, Exotic Bird, Disco Ball, Cotton Candy, Tulip, Sloth, and Cricket. After weeks of eliminations, it’s all down to the final three. The Masked Dancer finale event will kick off at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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